L-Ramp Innovation Awards 2007

L-Ramp Innovation Awards 2007

L-Ramp Innovation Awards 2007

L-RAMP Innovation Awards 2007 - A tribute To the change-makers of our society

For millions of people, life is a ceaseless struggle. All they have for support is their undying spirit. While most of us go about our lives unaware, a few struggle to make others? lives easier! Through innovations that help to overcome problems people face.

This award is a tribute to these innovators and all those who help the benefits of their innovations reach the people in need.

The Lemelson Recognition and Mentoring Programme (L-RAMP), a joint initiative of IIT Madras & Rural Innovations Network, supported by The Lemelson Foundation, provides recognition and mentoring support to innovators.

The award carries a trophy, certificate and a cash prize.

How to Apply?

For first three categories:

Please provide the following details in English or in Tamil neatly typed in A4 size sheets:

1. Describe your product

2. How is your product new or innovative?

3. How will your product solve a problem in the society?

4. Personal Details (Name, Gender, Age, Education, Profession, Complete Postal Address & Phone Number)

For other categories:

Print out the downloadable application form from the website www.lramp.org

Last date for receiving Award Application: 31st July, 2007

Send your application to the following address:

The Coordinator L-RAMP Innovation Awards 2007 2nd Floor, IC&SR Building, IIT Madras, Chennai ? 600 036 Phone: 044 - 2257 8389 Email: award2007@lramp.org (Visit www.lramp.org for details on eligibility, selection criteria etc)


The materials provided along with the application will not be returned and L-RAMP will be committed to maintain the confidentially of the information.

Award Categories:

L-RAMP Grassroots Innovator Award (for innovators who have no access to technology, funds and markets)

L-RAMP Young Innovator Award (for innovators below 21 years of age)

L-RAMP Woman Innovator Award (for women innovators)

L-RAMP Enterprise Award (for innovation-based and commercially viable enterprises)

L-RAMP Investor Award (for providing financial support in transforming an innovation to a viable enterprise)

L-RAMP Journalist Award (for featuring the issues related to the innovation sector in print & electronic media)

L-RAMP Lifetime Achievement Award (for lifetime contribution to innovation & entrepreneurship development)

Reference Website:www.lramp.org

L-Ramp Innovation Awards 2007