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SoaringEagles Talent Development Organisation

About SoaringEagles

As a brief introduction, SoaringEagles Learning is a comprehensive and innovative talent development organisation providing a range of training programmes in personal effectiveness, professional networking skills, communication skills, interpersonal skills, leadership skills, customer & cultural orientation skills, business etiquette, critical thinking and problem solving skills, commercial awareness skills, resume writing skills and interview skills. These skills are very highly valued by world-class employers today.

Started by an XLRI alumnus with two decades of investment banking and social sector experience, we are a professionally managed company that believes in sustainable and long-term relationships with its all its key stakeholders. We employ full-time learning facilitators with years of training and counselling experience and relevant Masters in Psychology educational background so that the programmes are truly transformational.

We have worked with several management graduates, engineers and commerce students. We conducted a highly successful session on Group Discussion & Personal Interview at NITIE in December 2015 and our participants got placed in some of the top companies in India. We also work with companies on enhancing skills and productivity of their employees. In fact, we recently conducted a Leadership Programme for SBI Probationary Officers across the country.

Our programmes are highly interactive, engaging and effective. We have received very good feedback from the participants for all our programmes.

We have also recently launched an interactive online Resume Writing course ( Participants can do this course from anywhere in India in the comfort of their homes. They can do the course on their mobile phones itself.

Some Key Programmes

We are sharing details of three of our programmes below:

1. Leadership Programme cum Internship

The Leadership Programme is an experiential learning programme designed to motivate and challenge talented students in a unique learning environment with the aim of enhancing their leadership skills and preparing them for the corporate world. The programme would cover areas such as self-awareness, communication skills, interpersonal skills, problem solving skills, commercial awareness, action planning and goal setting, resume writing and interviewing skills. The duration of the programme is 30 hours spread over a month. The participants will engage in a lot of simulated activities and also benefit from the experience of industry experts. The participants for this programme will be selected through an aptitude test.

On completion of programme interviews for internship with our Corporate Partners will be arranged and selected students will be offered internship. This will help them get a stimulating experience of work life and understand the related challenges. It will also add to their credentials thus helping them during their final placements.

2. Group Discussion & Personal Interview

In today?s competitive world, getting a good break in campus placements can set someone up for success. While technical skills, grades, etc. get students a foot in the door, doing well in the selection process determines whether they make it or not. Placement process can be very stressful, especially when the students are not sure about the criteria on which they are being assessed. They may also feel stressed when they are not shortlisted and see that their peers are getting placed. This, unfortunately, impacts their performance even further and may put them in a negative frame of mind.

Through our unique programme, we help students become more self-aware, confident and resilient so that they can handle setbacks better and perform well. We also prepare them thoroughly for group discussions and interviews so that they can make a good impression and do exceptionally well.

During a group discussion, the recruiter looks at a host of interpersonal skills such as leadership skills, conflict resolution skills, contribution to a group task, team work, initiative, verbal and non-verbal communication skills and problem solving skills. Hence our session is not just about discussing topics for Group Discussions but going deeper and developing these skills.

Similarly, for interviews recruiters go into case-based, strengths-based and competency-based questions. We help the students prepare for such questions by making them aware of what is being assessed and how to tailor their responses. We also help the students develop a 90-second elevator pitch about themselves. We conclude the session with mock interviews and give the students feedback on how to improve further.

3. Career Planning & Leadership Skills (For 14-19 years old)

Teenage years are critical because many big decisions about career and life have to be made. Lack of clarity at this stage can be quite confusing. The first step in choosing the right career is to figure out their career interests and strengths. It is also important to know their personality and values which guide their choices in life.

This course will help students get clarity on their career aspirations and create a career plan. They will set their personal goals and learn skills for launching a successful career. The course will also help them develop their leadership skills so that they stand out in all spheres of life and make the best use of opportunities that come their way

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