Engineering And Technology Courses

Engineering And Technology Courses In India

Engineering And Technology

Engineering And Technology Courses In India

Specialisation In ME/MTech Courses

Chemical Engineering: Chemical Plant Design, Petrochemical Engineering, Polymer Technology, Fertiliser Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Advance Transfer Process, Computer Aided Process Plant Design, Industrial Pollution Abatement

Civil Engineering: Construction Management, Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering (Geotechnology), Water Resources Engineering, Town and Regional Planning, Traffic and Transportation Planning, Off-shore Structure, Transportation Engineering, Geological Engineering, Highway and Transportation Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Hydraulics and Irrigation Engineering, Hydraulics and Flood Control Engineering, Urban Engineering

Electrical Engineering: Power Engineering, Power System, High Voltage, Engineering Control System Engineering, Measurement and Instrumentation, Power Apparatus System

Electronics and Communication Engineering: Electronics Product Design and Technology, Microwave and Radar Engineering, Digital Systems, Control and Systems Engineering Microelectronics, VLSI Design (See Chapter 52-A Mixed Bag), Optical Communication, Applied Electronics, Communication System, Solid State Electronics and Devices

Mechanical Engineering: Manufacturing Engineering, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Cryogenic Engineering, CAD-CAM. Thermal Engineering, Master of Engineering in Management, Maintenance Engineering, Machine Design Propulsion Engineering, Industrial Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering, Energy System and Pollution Control, Energy Systems Engineering, Heat Power Engineering, Machine Design and Analysis, Internal Combustion Engineering, Machine Tool Engineering

Metallurgy: Process Metallurgy. Foundry Technology, Materials Engineering, Industrial Metallurgy, Welding Engineering, Physical Metallurgy, Alloy Technology, Non-ferrous Metallurgy.

Engineering And Technology Courses In India