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RACE-The Animation College

A career in the field of animation can certainly lead to various opportunities in the fields of film animation, computer animation, Gaming and a variety of media businesses like viz computer games, video games & mobile games, advertising industries, television commercials, virtual reality, medical science, interactive E Education, Architecture, and many more. A career in animation requires a high level of creative ability and natural talents. The job market can be competitive, and those who choose to specialize in a particular area can be successful in the long term.

RACE Animation College is the only institute in entire Andhra Pradesh to offer training on Autodesk SMOKE by an Autodesk certified Artist. RACE Animation College is a well-equipped Academy with modern facilities and state-of-the-art technology, the course curriculum is Rich and matches the current studio requirements, this institute offers Specialized Courses in 2D Animation, 3D Animation (Maya) Visual Effects, Non-Linear Editing, and Digital Movie Production with an in-depth study material and all the students are trained by well experienced faculties who have years of experience working on various projects in the studios previously, apart from their exposure to industry they also participate in the workshops conducted by industry experts for the latest updates and happening in the industry.

At RACE all the student are paid individual attention and given enough time to practice the exercise and believe it, this is the only institute which offers 24 hours Lab facility round the year, by this way at the end of the course each student is ready to work on the real time project. The students here say that the faculties are very much dedicated & they are more of a friend & guide than a lecturer, who put their mind and soul to bring out the best creativity from each individual.

Describing the technicality about RACE it has very posh & appealing interiors, the systems are very much latest, and all are imported workstations with licensed softwares. High-end Apple systems are used for teaching visual effects and computer graphics which deal with VFX for Cinemas and VFX for Broadcasting. This institute has a very good library collection with ample reference books and video tutorials which are from very renowned international artists.

Having noticed about the current industry scenario RACE Animation College has introduced unique proposition of short term courses for people who are exposed to the related subjects. At RACE we believe in quality training as our driving force and we take keen interest in individuals to churn them as innovative and talented artists who can handle any kind of projects in leading animation studios.

3d duration 12 months

The evolution in 3D animation is certain, although the basics continues to be the same, at RACE we see to that we update the curriculum on time to time basis so that our students remain updated regarding the subject and the latest trends in industry and they perform better in the work place. Few examples of 3D animated movies are The CARS, Jurassic Park, finding Nemo, Sherk,King Kong, Harry potter ECT...

2D duration 12 months

Revolution in Animation has come a long way but the traditional mode of 2D Animation (cell) remains the same, 2D animated features like tom & jerry, Jungle book, Lion King, Tarzan, Lilo and stitch, Beauty and the Beast ECT are few examples that we enjoy watching today and forever. At RACE we see to that we train you the subject as per the production studio norms.

EXTREME Composting duration 03 months

Composting is one of the most vital parts in film making, the graphics and special effects that are seen in the latest movies are spectacular and breathe taking ones by using software like Shake Ect. The composting works for movies like Lord of the rings, chronicle of Narnia, Spiderman and many more were done in India and there are many more projects that Indians are working upon. At RACE Academy the students are thought thoroughly about the subject from experts.

Complete Animation Film making duration 18 months

No wonder we all love watching movies, but watching an animated movie is a wonderful experience may be it 2D or a 3D, the characters which plays on the screen takes us to every moods by its extra ordinary role, which we would not have imagined. At RACE we teach the complete process of Animation film making, where one after learning this course from RACE can make a short animated movie.

Advanced editing

Every individual knows that editing is one of the vital part in cinema and audio visual industry, it all started off with the linear editing where an editor had to directly use the scissors to cut the scenes which were not required, as the technology got more advanced and the computers playing key role, it is now in the from of non linear editing where the editor uses computers and softwares to carry out the editing part, at RACE we train the individual on a advanced software Apple F C P ,one of the widely used software world wide on real time experience.

Autodesk SMOKE 2008 Suite

Duration 2months

This setup is a unique and special suite used for online editing and online composting with high resolution. Autodesk SMOKE market is also picking up in India in much faster pace and scarcity of SMOKE artist is one major difficulty that the industry is facing now. There are lots of career opportunities for SMOKE Artists.

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RACE-The Animation College