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Sargent-Welch - Science Education Equipment

For all your science education needs, Sargent-Welch is at your service. This full-line company can equip your entire science class room, from pieces of furniture to expendable materials. The company distributes major brand name supplies and equipment of science education.

Sargent-Welch is a part of the science education division of VWR International. The company has served customers faithfully for more than 150 years, with the aim of supplying quality pieces of equipment to enhance the study of science in the most economical manner possible. The company strives to improve its services continuously in order to meet the needs of its customers satisfactorily. Its motto states that "The order isn't complete until the customer is 100% satisfied."

This means that Sargent-Welch is committed to fully satisfying your needs before your sale is complete. You can place your order in a variety of ways, such as by phone, fax, mail, email, or over the Internet. There are many categories you can order from, including Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Forensics, Lab Ware, Microscopes, Physics, Safety Supplies, and Technology. Alternatively, you may search for specific supplies by using the built-in search facility. You can also benefit from clearance items, which is a great way of getting your supplies at huge discounts. In addition, there are usually special offers that you can take advantage of.

For whatever concern you may have, the customer care representatives will give you a quick response. Just call 1-800-727-4368 or email If you are out of the United States, you can visit the website designed to cater for the needs of international customers.

Available Products

BIOLOGY - Charts,Dissection Instruments,Living Material,Microscope Slides,Microslides,Models,Physiology & Health,Preserved Materials,Software,Study Kits & Manipulatives,Videos

BIOTECHNOLOGY - Books,Electrophoresis Equipment,Lab Equipment,Micropipetting,Reagents & Supplies,Study Kits

EARTH SCIENCE - Books,Charts,Field Equipment,Fossil Specimens,Geology Apparatus,Globes,Microslides,Mineral Specimens,Models,Rock Specimens,Software,Study Kits & Manipulatives,Telescopes,Videos

ENVIRONMENTAL - Air Quality,Books,Charts,GLOBE Program,Software,Soil Quality,Videos,Water Quality

FORENSICS - Books,Charts,Crime Scene Supplies,Fingerprinting Supplies,Microscope Slides,Software,Study Kits & Manipulatives

LAB FURNITURE Display Cases,Fixtures,Fume Hoods,Instructor Benches,Mobile Workstations,Reference Materials,Seating,Stepladders,Storage Cabinets,Student Tables,Student Workstations

LABWARE - Balances,Batteries,Brushes,Burners,Calculators,Carts,Centrifuges,Clamps,Cleaning Supplies,Construction Supplies,Crucibles,Deionizers,Desiccators,Dispensers

MICROSCOPES & MICROVIDEO - Compound Microscopes,Digital Microscopes,Introductory Microscopes,Magnifiers,Microscope Accessories,Microvideo,Stereomicroscopes

MULTIMEDIA - AV Equipment,Softwares,Videos

PHYSICS - Alternative Energy,Applied Physics,Books,Charts,Electricity & Magnetism,Electronic Equipment,Heat & Thermodynamics,Mechanics,Modern Physics,Optics & Light,Quantum Mechanics,Software,Toys,Videos

SAFETY SUPPLIES - Aprons,Chemical Cabinets,Disposal,Ear Protection,Emergency Stations,Eye Protection,Fire Control,First Aid,Gloves,Lab Coats,Safety Education,Shields,Signage,Spill Control

TECHNOLOGY - Pasco,Texas Instruments,Vernier

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Sargent-Welch - Science Education Equipment