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Choosing The Right Career

A wrong person in the right place or a right person in wrong place? As the clich? goes most to he career aspirants stand at crossroads after doing their graduation/diploma/master. Most of the time its too late to make a decision.

An intermediate from biological sciences for example after having failed in the examination takes up arts subjects. Such approaches generally end up in frustration and unemployment. So please select a professional approach for the selection of your career. Use the following questions for a better vision of your present and future.

* What do I want to become in life?

* Why do I want to become that?

* Where will it take me?

* When can I achieve that?

* Who will help me in that?

* How will I reach there?

Only Your Interest Matter:

The pursuance of a career starts from intermediate or 10+2. After doing +2 one must ask him/herself what he / she should do next? One must measure oneself on the SWOT Scale. That means,

Strength: In what respect one is stronger than other aspirants. What qualities does one possess (even if one has more physical strength than average), may be command on language, voice quality, ability to express or a good handwriting even!

Weakness: Assess what your weaknesses are. Try to overcome them.

Opportunities: Explore the opportunity around you. Are you a local person specializing in a particular field? Can you be the first person to grab the opportunity?

Threats: Assess threats also. Not only professional hazards but also others like lifespan of a particular trade, competition from other aspirants, legislation against any kind of trade or job and veracity of employer etc. If such threats exist what is you alternative plan of action?

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Only a SWOT analysis of your career is not sufficient. It should be assessed in the light of CROW.

Concrete: You are not supposed to build castles in the air. Keep your vision clear.

Realistic: The profession or career chosen by you should be realistic based on analysis and hard facts.

Objective-oriented: A well defined objective will guide your approach.

Workable: The chosen field should be full of working potentially.

Self-assessment is necessary: Self-assessment is very easy. At any given night, before going to bed just note down details of your day?s activities like what have you done today, what time you devoted on each activity and what were the outcome of those activities. Note down all the positive and negative aspects of the day?s activity.

Let us review your plan of action:

* Assess yourself on SWOT basis.

* Identify your field of interest, as it is very easy.

* Adopt pragmatic and positive approach

* Stop daydreaming

* Try innovative ideas

* Be sure what are you doing

* Do not make decisions in a hasty manner.

* Job satisfaction should be your priority (not becoming an overnight millionaire) and that means you should become what you always craved for. This develops interest in job and this improves your efficiency and in turn, it gradually elevates you in your career ladder.

* There is always a certain element of failure in your endeavor so keep an alternative plan ready.

* Create and nurture tangible and intangible treasure of knowledge. Inculcate a habit of collecting, preserving and studying books and materials.

* Don?t be a bookworm; gather information wherever it comes from.

* Learn to listen and listen to learn.

* Be honest with yourself

* Be systematic in everything you do.

* Divorce the attitude of ?take it easy, ?chalta hai?, ?ho jaega?

Your interest in a job makes you employer happy. This increases you efficiency and in turn, your career prosperous. Just go for excellence in whatever you know or are interested in. Make it a career of your choice, not chance.

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Choosing The Right Career