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The Math Riddle Book - The Most Effective And Fun way To Learn Math

Would you like your kids to enjoy doing math practice? Then Math Riddle Book is your answer. The knowledge of mathematics is important in life, and it is necessary for kids to start developing the right skills early. The problem is that the conventional methods of teaching mathematics make many children lose interest in the subject. This is where Math Riddle Book is different.

Math Riddle Book was authored by Tim Wei, who is a full-time public school teacher. He has a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and a master's degree in Literacy, and is certified to teach K-6 Elementary, English 7-9, Gifted K-12, and Reading Support K-12.

This downloadable ebook is composed of a series of high interest math riddle worksheets, which deal with different math skills. Once you have downloaded the ebook, which is in pdf format, you can print the worksheets locally, or you can start reading it right away on your computer. It is like a standard book that is divided into chapters and pages.

Here are some of the fun riddles you will find in the book.

* Why did the cookie go to the doctor? When you add four digit numbers, you will find out the answer.

* What did Cinderella fish wear in the underwater ball? The answer is revealed when you complete a given subtraction successfully.

* What do you call a cow eating grass on your front lawn? You will decode the answer when you solve the long division problems.

You do not have to commit yourself to something your are not sure of. In order to help get a good idea of the things you will find in Math Riddle Book, you will get sneak peak at for free. When you decide to make a purchase, you will have an 8-week money back guarantee, so there is nothing to worry about.

It covers a variety of math skills, including:

* Addition, with and without Regrouping

* Column Addition

* Subtraction, with and without Regrouping

* Subtracting Across Zero

* Adding and Subtracting Money

* Mental Addition and Subtraction

* Place Value

* Rounding Numbers

* Multiplication Basic Facts 0- 12

* Multiplying by 1, 2, and 3-Digit Numbers

* Division Basic Facts 0 - 12

* Division with Remainders

* Long Division

And Much, Much more!


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The Math Riddle Book - The Most Effective And Fun way To Learn Math