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Opportunities In Hospitality Industry

Do you love people and understand them? Do you like catering to the needs of others? Do some of these qualities from part of your personality? If good communication skills and an outgoing personality is also a part of your persona, then hospitality industry is the perfect career. With the boom in tourism and travel industry has grown rapidly in the past decade and is still growing. The demand for manpower in this industry offers career choices in hotels, restaurants, airlines etc. Here is a list of industries where you can make a career.

* Restaurant Management / Fast Food Joint Management

* Club Management / Recreation and Health Centre Management

* Cruise Ship Management

* Institutional and Industrial Catering

* Airline Catering and Cabin Services

* Hotel and Catering Institute

* Hotel and Tourism Associations

* Catering Departments in banks and insurance houses.

* Govt. Owned Catering Departments e.g. railway, armed forces, ministerial conventions etc.

* In food, confectionery, beverage production industries.

A degree in Hotel Management is usually the basic requirement to take the first step towards a career in the hospitality industry. hotel management as a career stream is paying.

Where to Study

The National Council for Hotel Management an Catering Technology (NCHMCT) is a Registered Society under the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Govt. of India. The council regulates courses in Hospitality Management through structured courses of studies at 24 institutes of Hotel Management and 8 Food Craft Institutes located in different Professional Programmes designed for the Hospitality and service sector.

The eligbility criterion to enter the course in hotel management is 10+2. Institutes coming under the National Council offer a 3-4 year diploma course while private institutes offer a 4-year Bachelor?s Programme. The selection procedure in most of these institutes comprises a test followed by a group discussion and interview. Here is a list of some of the institutes in India that offer a diploma or degree programme in hotel management: National Council for Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition, Delhi.

* Institute of Hotel Management, Aurangabad

* Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Management, Catering and Nutrition, Delhi.

* Oberai School of Learning and Development, Delhi.

* International Institute of Hotel Management, Kolkata.

* NIPS School of Hotel Management, Kolkata. Institute of Hotel and Restaurant Management, Kolkata.

* Subhas Bose Institute of Hotel Management, Kolkata.

* Institutes of Hotel and Tourism Management, Ghaziabad.

* Canan School of Catering and Hotel Management, Chennai.

* Moti Mahal Academy of Hospitality education, Mangalore.

* Shri Shakti College of Hotel Management, Hyderabad.

* Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition, Meerut.

A degree in Hotel Management is however not absolutely essential for working in the hospitality industry. The industry requires trained staff for all these departments:

Reception: This is the front end of the hotel where candidates with good personality, patience and grooming well excel.

Customer Relations: The public relations function will receive all the complaints and the occasional raise. They will need to coordinate with other departments to maximize customer satisfaction. Candidates must have amiable personality and good communication skills.

Accounting and Financial Management: Commerce graduates and accounting professionals can find work here in accounting, cash flow and managing the finances.

The Back Office: The Reservations Officer in the back office must be qualified in ticketing, basic geography, calculating time zones, international codes used by the hotel and airline industry etc.

Food and Beverage: A degree in nutrition or food technology will help you get a Job in this industry.

Horticulture: The grounds of a hotel or resort are embellished with beautiful gardens and exercise areas.

Communication and IT: Communication Engineers and System Administrators can find openings in this area of hotel management.

Whatever your qualification or the area you choose to specialize in, the pre-requisite for a career in this industry is to be able to handle people, it is about understanding people and their requirements. There is also a requirement for general management skills, which means that hospitality professionals have to continuously update their knowledge base and adopt innovative and out-of-the ?box thinking as well.

Once you have the requisite qualifications, sky is the limit for your career in this booming industry. Besides, the environment & working conditions are attractive and there is opportunity to meet all types of people.

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Opportunities In Hospitality Industry