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Self Assessment - Need For Career Choice

The choice of career is the most pressing problem that confronts every educated youth and their parents as they want to ensure that the profession they choose is not only rewarding but interesting and satisfying. Choosing a career is a very important decision that one takes in one?s life. The right choice of a career helps you in growing up in your profession. For a proper and suitable choice of a career one has to plan one?s career at the school level itself. After passing 10th, one has to make a choice of a particular discipline ? Arts, Science, Commerce, Agriculture etc. While choosing subjects one should keep in mind the profession one wants to opt and one?s interest in the subjects related the career.

Self assessment is the first step of the career planning process. One has to know the potentials keeping in mind the values, interests, personality traits and achievements. But most of us get confused and feel frustrated. The common question that comes to our mind is what is suitable for me. If you can assess yourself in a realistic way, you would be in a better position to choose your career.

Values play an important role in the choice of a career. One who likes autonomy may not find himself comfortable in a salaried job. He may enjoy working as an entrepreneur. One has to see whether one is keen to earn more money or enjoy status. Similarly, there are persons who enjoy reading and writing and want peaceful life. They may find teaching profession more enjoyable. It is not only values, there are various other factors which play a role in the choice of a career. Your personality traits-extrovert or introvert, sensitive in nature, sense of responsibility, team spirit, emotional stability etc. are also equally important. For example, one who is not good in communication skills may not find marketing very comfortable. But personality alone should not be used to predict whether you would succeed in a particular career. There are some psychological tests which may help you in knowing your interests and aptitudes. DAT is one of these tests. Every individual has got strengths and weakness. After knowing them through some tests, one may also have suggestions from psychologists for improving oneself. These tests should be conducted b trained psychologists as wrong interpretation of results may lead you to a wrong path. You have to look at what you are good as well as what you enjoy doing. Certain skills may also be developed by training.

The following questions may help you in assessing your own self:

1. What do I wish to do in my leisure time?

2. What is the topic which I usually want to discuss with my friends and family members?

3. In which activities I am more interested?

4. Which areas of work would give me success to the maximum level?

5. Do I know the various Career Options?

6. What are my weaknesses?

7. How can I overcome my weaknesses?

8. What is my long term goal?

9. What is my immediate goal?

10. What actions I need to take to reach my goal?

11. When approximately shall I be able to reach my goal?

12. How can I maintain my confidence level?

Write your responses on a sheet of paper. You need to have a clear perception about yourself. Individuals differ in their characteristics, intelligence, aptitudes, interests and personality traits. Likewise occupations differ in their requirements. Self assessment is one step which helps an individual in the choice of a career. It is not the end of the career planning process. You have various options before you. You may consider them in the light of results of your self assessment process. Self assessment is not a one time process. It is a continuous process. Any wrong decision taken in a hurry may disturb your career. Think, analyze, discuss and then take a decision about your career keeping in mind values, interests & aptitudes and skills possessed by you.

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Self Assessment - Need For Career Choice