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Skin Disorder

Acne is a skin disorder that affects millions of Americans each year. Because of this, most people are interested in finding out what acne is and how to treat it. Acne is a result of increased hormones overproducing the amount of sebum, or oil that is released through pores. When the increased amount of oil begins to make its way to the surface it clogs up the pore and then bacteria and dead skin cells form a pimple or lesion on the face. There are more pores on your face, neck, shoulders and back so these areas are more prone to developing acne. Acne is not a fatal disorder, but it can leave some pretty ugly scarring, disfigurement, and cause embarrassment for individuals with the disorder.

Acne is a skin disorder that results from increased hormone levels in the body that catalyzes a production and secretion of increased sebum, or oil through the skin pores. Acne results when this sebum clogs the pore and bacteria and dead skin cells from the skins surface enter the pore. The result is red pimples and lesions on the skins surface that causes embarrassment to all and scarring and disfigurement to many. Because of this, everyone with acne is interested in knowing exactly what causes the lesions and pimples on their faces, backs, necks, and shoulders.

Unfortunately, although doctors and researchers have been working for a long time to pinpoint exactly what causes acne, they have not been able to pinpoint an exact cause and resulting treatment. However, they have uncovered that rise in hormone levels affects the amount of sebum secreted through pores and the way it ultimately interacts with the skin on the surface. Although every individual experiences a time of increased hormone levels, not all people develop acne or the case is mild to severe. So, considering the wide range of reactions of acne doctors and researchers have come to a conclusion that acne affects different people differently and it might actually be hereditary as well. In studies of acne most individuals with the skin disorder also had other people in their family with current or past acne problems.

Another thing is that acne is not a skin disorder of a certain race, class, or age set of people. Anyone can develop acne at any time. However, individuals in puberty do tend to develop cases of acne more than other individuals simply because of the increased hormones in their bodies at this time. Acne is the leading skin disorder among Americans, so figuring out what causes it and how to treat it is a priority.

Dermatologists are the doctors who treat skin disorders, including acne. Most of the time dermatologists prescribe medicated creams to treat the pimples and lesions on the skins surface and occasionally an oral pill as well. The dermatologist will work with you on your particular case and which treatment method is best.

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Skin Disorder