IKP-Grand Challenges Explorations

IKP-Grand Challenges Explorations (IKP-GCE)

IKP-Grand Challenges Explorations (IKP-GCE)

IKP Knowledge Park is pleased to launch Round 2 of the IKP-Grand Challenges Explorations (IKP-GCE) in partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. IKP-GCE aims to identify, fund and nurture revolutionary ideas that address global health challenges, and is an India-only chapter of the larger Grand Challenges Explorations managed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The goal of the IKP-GCE program is to empower Ideas - ideas that will create new drugs, diagnostics, devices, vaccines, delivery systems and service models that can be made available to all socio-economic layers of the human population. If you have an innovation that will address developing world issues such as infectious diseases, child and maternal health, nutrition and family planning, please apply at www.ikp-gce.com. You are required to submit a 2 page proposal by November 30th, 2012. We will shortlist 20-25 proposals and request a more detailed interaction to choose 3-5 proposals to be GCE Phase I Grantees under the larger GCE program. For a complete understanding of the scope, please visit our Partner site and for last year's winners please click here.

Winners of IKP-GCE

receive a grant of USD 100,000 from the Foundation

receive mentoring from IKP Knowledge Park for a period of 18 months, and gain access to technical consulting, networking opportunities, and lab facilities

be eligible to apply for Phase II funding of up to USD 1Million.

Please visit www.ikp-gce.com to apply. For more information you can download the Program Overview here. We are happy to answer any questions to help you draft your application better. Do let your friends and colleagues who may be interested know about the opportunity.

May the best innovations win.

Anyone can Apply * Grant of USD 100k, going till USD 1Mn

* Mentorship from IKP Knowledge Park

* Two page proposal due by 30 Nov '12

Thank you,

Vikraman Venu Saranyan, Program Manager, IKP-GCE, T: +91 87906 72424 E: vikraman@ikpknowledgepark.com / ikpgce@ikpknowledgepark.com

For more details visit http://www.ikp-gce.com

IKP-Grand Challenges Explorations (IKP-GCE)