L-RAMP Innovation Awards 2007

L-RAMP Innovation Awards 2007

L-RAMP Innovation Awards 2007

A tribute To the change-makers of our society

For millions of people, life is a ceaseless struggle. All they have for support is their undying spirit. Wile most of go about our lives unaware, a few struggle to make others? lives easier! Through innovations that help to overcome problems people face.

This award is a tribute to these innovators and all those who help the benefits of their innovations reach the people in need.

The Lemelson Recognition and Mentoring Programme (L-RAMP), a joint initiative of IIT Madras & Rural Innovations Network, supported by The Lemelson Foundation, provides recognition and mentoring support to innovators.

The award carries a Trophy, Certificate and a Cash Prize.

How to Apply?

For first three categories:

Please provide the following details in English or in Tamil, neatly typed in A4 size sheets.

1. Describe your product

2. How is your product new or innovative?

3. How will your product solve a problem in the society?

4. Personal Details (Name, Gender, Age, Education, Profession, Complete Postal Address & Phone Number)

For other categories:

Print out the downloadable applications form from website www.lramp.org

Last date for receiving award applications: 22nd July, 2007

Send your application to the following address:

The Coordinator, L-RAMP Innovation Awards 2007, 2nd Floor, IC&SR Building, IIT-Madras, Chennai ? 600 036 Phone: 044 ? 22578389 Email: award2007@lramp.org

(Visit www.lramp.org for details on eligibility, selection criteria etc)


The materials provided along with the application will not be returned and L-RAMP will be committed to maintain the confidentially of the information.

Award Categories:

* L-RAMP Grassroots Innovator Award for innovators who have no access to technology, funds and markets.

* L-RAMP Young Innovator Award for innovators below 21 years of age.

* L-RAMP Woman Innovator Award for women innovators.

* L-RAMP Enterprise Award for innovation-based and commercially viable enterprises

* L-RAMP Investor Award for providing novel financial support in transforming an innovation to a viable enterprise.

* L-RAMP Journalist Award for featuring the issues related to the Innovation sector in print & electronic media.

* L-RAMP Lifetime Achievement Award for lifetime contribution to innovation & entrepreneurship development.

L-RAMP Innovation Awards 2007