The UKIERI-DST Science and Technology Awards

The UKIERI-DST Science and Technology Awards

Instructions to complete the online application form.

1. Application is by online form. Only online applications will be accepted. Please do not send applications in any other form.

2. To access the online application form the email addresses of both the UK and Indian Lead Researchers (the joint applicants) are required. One applicant should register the addresses of both parties. A unique username and password will then be sent to both applicants which should then be used to access the joint application form.

3. You are strongly advised to download and read the Guidelines and sample application form (which also contain guidance) before deciding whether or not to register you partnership and submit an application.

4. Lead Researchers may only register once during this round of awards.

5. Both applicants will be able to edit the form and the UK applicant will submit it.

6. The application form can be saved between edits, but should not be submitted until it is complete.

7. Please ensure that you save the form at regular intervals to avoid loss of data. If the application is left idle for too long it will automatically log out and any unsaved data will be lost. Please remember to fill in each field; the form will not be submitted until all fields have data filled in. If a field does not require an answer, add in a NA or ?0' to be able to submit the form.

8. Once the application is submitted, there can be no further edits and the UKIERI Secretariat are unable to make any changes on your behalf.

The UKIERI-DST Science and Technology Awards