UDAAN 2017 - 2019



Udaan is a project launched by CBSE under the guidance of Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India, to address the low enrolment of girl students in prestigious engineering institutions and the teaching gap between school education & engineering entrance examination. The effort is to enrich the teaching & learning of Science and Mathematics at School level by addressing the three dimensions of education - curriculum design, transaction and assessments. The objective is to provide a platform that empowers the girl students, facilitate their aspiration of joining the prestigious engineering institutions and take important role in development/ reduce gap/progress of the country in future. Under this program, students are provided free offline / online resources through virtual weekend contact classes and study material while studying in Class XI and Class XII for preparation of admission test to various premier engineering colleges in the country.


* To address the challenge of low enrolment of girls in technical education institutes.

* To enable and empower the girl students to fulfill their aspiration of technical education.

* To minimize the gap between school education & engineering entrance examination.

* To enrich and enhance teaching and learning of Science and Mathematics at senior secondary level.


Udaan is designed to provide a comprehensive platform to deserving girl students who aspire to pursue higher education in engineering and support them to prepare for the entrance examinations while studying in classes XI and XII.

The following are the salient features of this program -

* Free of cost support for Girl students of Classes XI and XII.

* Provision of preparatory material through an online portal.

* Availability of tutorials, videos lectures and study material.

* Organization of Virtual contact classes at 60 designated city centres.

* Assessments designed to provide useful feedback on learning.

* Remedial steps to correct learning.

* Peer learning and mentoring opportunities for meritorious students.

* Motivation sessions with students/parents.

* Student helpline services to clarify doubts, monitor student learning and support technology.

* Constant monitoring and tracking of student progress with feedback to parents.

* Intensive face to face program for focused group students' to further enrich their preparedness for JEE (Mains) & JEE (Advanced).

Reference website : http://cbseacademic.in

For any clarification e-mail to udaan.cbse2017@gmail.com or you can call at 011-23214737, 23231070

For more details & Eligibility, Terms and Conditions please refer the Website : UDAAN 2016 - 17

UDAAN 2017