20th UGC-CEC Educational Video Competition

20th UGC-CEC Educational Video Competition

20th UGC-CEC Educational Video Competition

Consortium of Educational Communication , (An Inter-University Centre of UGC on Electronic Media) IUAC Campus, Aruna Asaf Ali Marg, New Delhi - 110 067 (Read from JNU East Gate to Vasant Kunj)

20th UGC-CEC Educational Video Competition

Consortium for Educational Communication (CEC) is an Inter-University Centre created by the UGC with the responsibility of utilizing electronic media in education. CEC coordinates the management and production of different parts of India. These programmes are telecast through Vyas-24 hour higher education channel and the countrywide classroom on Doordarshan, in English and Hindi daily. CEC is nodal buddy of UGC for implementation of E-content development Scheme on Higher Education. CEC organizes Educational Television and e-content development.

CEC invites entries for the 20th Video competition which is open to all Citizens and Production Houses of India as well as for Asian Countries.

Categories of Award:

A) Educational Programmes (for General audience):

i) Best Programme of the year

ii) Best Series of the year

B) Educational Programmes (undergraduates): Best Programme in (i) Social Sciences (ii) Life Sciences (iii) Physical Sciences (iv) Earth Sciences (v) Mathematics and Technology (vi) Humanities, Literature and Communication (vii) Fine Arts and Culture (viii) Sports and Health (ix) Lecture based programme (on any of the above subjects) (x) E-content developed (on any of the above subjects).

C) Educational Programmes (other categories): Best programme (i) for Children (ii) for Teachers (iii) for Adults (iv) on child and Women issues (v) on Environment and Development (iv) on Human Rights.

D) Excellence in: (i) Formative Research (ii) Script (iii) Camera Work (iv) Editing (v) Sound (vi) Graphics/ Animation/ Special Effects (vii) Presentation/ Anchor Person.

E) Best Amateur Video Production of the years: (i) Students studying in Mass Communication, Journalism, Film/ TV an allied professional courses (ii) Students studying in any other courses (ii) Institutes/ NGOs/ Individuals.

F) Educational Programme (for general audience ? Asian Countries): Best Asian (Foreign) Educational Video Programme of the year produced by educational institutions/ other agencies outside India but within Asia.

G) Best medial Centre of the Year: (Only for UGC-CEC Media Centres)

H) Best Producer of the year: (Only for the UGC-CEC Media Centre?s producers).

Conditions for Entry:

1. The video programme produced between 1st January, 2007 and 31st December, 2007, would be eligible.

2. Only the programme in each category is permissible.

3. The duration of the programme should be between 10 to 30 minutes.

4. The programme should either be in English or Hindi; programmes in other languages should be dubbed or subtitled in English Language.

5. Undertaking that the programme does not violate the copyright/ intellectual property right law.

Entry forms and terms and conditions of the competition may be collected free of cost from the address indicated below, from the date of publication in the newspaper to 21st March, 2008. The last date of submission of entry form(s) and video tape(s) is 30th March, 2008.

For details and application forms contact:

Research Scientist, Consortium for Educational Communication Aruna Asaf Ali Marg New Delhi - 67 Ph: 011 - 26897417, Fax: 011 - 26897416

Email: cec-ugc@cecugc.org, website: www.cec-ugc.org

INSAT 3C, 74 deg, E, C-12 Transponder, C-Band 4165 Mhz. Linear Hor. Polarization, Digital Receiver, Gd4, Symbol Rate 26000 SPS, FEC.; 1/2

20th UGC-CEC Educational Video Competition