Design For Change School Contest 2010

Design For Change School Contest 2010

Design For Change School Contest 2010

1St Stage

1. Make teams with not more than 5 students per team

2. Ask them to discuss about what issues bother them and would like to see changed

3. These issues can be as simple as cleaner toilets to as audacious as ?creating child friendly cities? ? every idea is important

IInd Stage

1. Once the issue is selected, get students to ?engage? with the people connected to the issue ? for eg ? if it is garbage in their society that bothers them, get students to speak to the society owners who dispose garbage, the help who takes it out, to the municipal corporation etc? to understand how to ?design? a solution that really will make the desired impact and change.

2. From all the ideas generated, get the students to select the one that will have the maximum impact following the criteria listed?

III rd Stage

1. Each school now selects the ONE idea that they all feel has potential for most change and can get as many students involved in the implementation

2. Once the plan is shared with all ( parents too ) the children go and DO!!

IVth Stage

1. The documented story of change is now shared with us?

2. Each school fills up the submission form and adds their chosen form of documentation from the list suggested.

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Design For Change School Contest 2010