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INSA-SERB Photo and Film Competition on ‘Science through My Eyes’

INSA-SERB Photo and Film Competition on 'Science through My Eyes'

INSA-SERB Photo and Film Competition on ‘Science through My Eyes’

About INSA-SERB Photo and Film Competition on ‘Science through My Eyes’

The Indian National Science Academy (INSA), New Delhi is a premier Academy of India with a rich legacy (www.insaindia.res.in) in promoting science. It functions as an autonomous institution of the Dept. Science & Technology, Govt. of India. The Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), New Delhi is a statutory body to support basic research (www.serb.gov.in).


The two institutions have come together to organize a photo/painting and a one-minute-film competitions. The idea is that in addition to their specialization, people should be able to see, understand and appreciate science around them. A critical look will help in fostering and promoting the scientific spirit, interest in research and will encourage creative abilities.


The theme for the competition is ‘Science through My Eyes’. Any suitable subtheme under this main theme may be chosen. Some examples of subthemes are science in the lab/ kitchen/ sports/ hospital/ home/ at work. The creation may include any work in above forms related to the covid- 19 virus, healthy life, geo-heritage, health, fascinating space AND any subtheme covered under the main theme ‘Science though My Eyes’.


The rules for the competitions are as follows:


1. The competition is open to Indian nationals only. There is no entry fee. Entries will be under 3 groups:


(i). Doctoral students (PhD) and Post-doctoral Fellows in any discipline


(ii). Those pursuing professional degrees like MBBS, MS, MD, M Tech, MBA in any discipline


(iii). Practicing scientists and any other working professionals such as doctors, engineers, technical staff, film-makers, para-medico… etc. A team of two may also be made to create the work. The entry can be in the name of an individual or a team of 2 individuals.


2. Entries, not awarded by any organization earlier, are solicited under two categories :


(i). STILL IMAGE CATEGORY: Digital image of an original painting made by the entrant OR a photograph (in jpeg format) or computer-made picture using software under any of the subthemes, should not be larger than 5 MB. If created using computer software, the creative element should be distinguishable. The still images with the details given under Point-3 should be e-mailed at InsaSerbPhotoFilm(at)gmail.com


(ii). ONE-MINUTE-VIDEO-FILM CATAGORY: May be shot with mobile phone, regular camera/ handycam. However, the entry should be in MP4 format. The length of the film (including title, credits, and the main content) should not exceed 60 seconds. The maximum file-size allowed is 25 MB after compression. The films should be uploaded on YouTube. The link should be e-mailed along with other information given below under Point-3 at InsaSerbPhotoFilm(at)gmail.com


3. The e-mail (at InsaSerbPhotoFilm(at)gmail.com) for entries (as jpeg still image or YouTube link for film) should be accompanied by the following information:


(i). Name(s) of submitter(s) (ii). Category of Still Image or One Minute Film (iii). A short Title of the film should start with INSASERB. (iv). Group (i, ii or iii as given under Point-1 above) (v). Contact-details including phone no. (Mobile number and/ or landline number, e-mail ID with complete postal address (vi). Self certification of the work submitted being original, created by the submitter(s) only and all rights being owned by the submitter(s) and (vii). A brief introduction (not more than 100 words) in Hindi or English about the science in the image or film.


4. No team/ individual can submit more than 5 entries for the still and the film each. One individual may join different teams subject to the above condition.


5. The entries may be e-submitted anytime during 11 AM on 30th June, 2020 and 5PM on July 15th, 2020.


6. One First (Rs. 10,000/-), one second (Rs. 7000/-), two third (Rs. 5000/- each) and three encouragement (Rs. 3000/- each) prizes will be given. There will be thus 7 prizes for each of the 3 groups for the 2 categories viz. still image and films. However, based on judges’ recommendation, the organizers reserve the right to change the number of prizes.


7. The entries will be evaluated by a panel of judges appointed by INSA and SERB.


8. Results will be posted on INSA website etc. The winners will also be individually informed


9. INSA/ SERB employees or their dependents will not be eligible to compete.


10. In case of any discrepancy/ ambiguity/ dispute, the decision of the judges will be final.


For more details visit the Official Publisher :



Information Document 


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