National IT Aptitude Test -NITAT

National IT Aptitude Test -NITAT

National IT Aptitude Test -NITAT

Take the National IT Aptitude Test, India?s leading IT aptitude test, to know how well suited you are for a career in the Industry that runs the world. Last date : 16.02.2013

* NATIONAL IT APTITUDE TEST (NITAT) is India's largest and most widely recognized I.T. aptitude test conducted simultaneously across 200+ cities.

* It is a 100-minute objective type examination specially designed by NIIT to evaluate I.T. aptitude.

* About 4,88,000 students have benefited from this nationwide test over the last seven years.

* The test assesses functional abilities and behavioural traits that make up I.T. aptitude which is crucial to gain a foothold in the I.T. industry.

* The test does not evaluate I.T. skills and does not require previous knowledge of computers.

* Functional abilities assessed are Numerical Ability, Logical Reasoning, Problem Solving and Verbal Ability (including English Comprehension).

* Behaviourial traits assessed are Result Orientation and Teamwork. They are based upon NIIT's extensive research at Centre for Research in Cognitive Systems (CRCS) and through extensive industry interactions.

* NITAT will be conducted simultaneously on 17th February 2013 at over 200 towns nationwide, supervised directly by NIIT personnel.

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National IT Aptitude Test -NITAT