Kala Utsav 2016

National Level Kala Utsav 2016


Kala Utsav is an initiative of Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) to promote arts in education by nurturing and showcasing the artistic talent of school students at the secondary stage in the country. In the context of education of Arts (Music, Theatre, Dance, Visual Arts and Crafts), the initiative is guided by the recommendations of the National Focus Group Position Paper (No. 1.7) on Arts, Music, Dance and Theatre for National Curriculum Framework 2005 (NCF- 2005), and by the report of the Central Advisory Board on Education (CABE) Sub-committee on Integration of Culture Education in the School Curriculum. Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA) recognises the importance of aesthetics and artistic experiences for secondary-level students, which play a major role in creating awareness of India?s rich cultural heritage and its vibrant diversity.

Though India has a long tradition of art and artistic practices, a uniform process of identifying artistic talents in school education is yet to be developed. We also have a tradition of using arts in the process of learning: the narrative tradition is one such example. These traditions also show us the creative expansion from the individual to the community, which contributes towards the overall development of the society

Arts education may be perceived as a tool for development of aesthetic sensibility among learners to enable them to respond to the beauty in various forms, colours, sound and movement. Arts integration in education helps to encourage creativity, develop problem-solving ability, and improves the ability to handle mental imagery and better expression.

Arts education helps the learner to view the increasingly violent and divided society through an alternative prism of beauty and aesthetics and hence, is crucial for the holistic development of the learners. Integration of arts in education benefits learning in many ways. It serves to overcome inhibitions and promote exploration, stimulate reativity, broaden imagination, nurture values and play an important role in the development of an individual. Unfortunately, arts education has been neglected in schools, depriving our younger generations of all these traits which otherwise can help them to become contributing citizens. Also, our cultural values are deteriorating due to over - emphasis on certain school subjects and disconnect from our cultural roots, thus,arts have taken a back seat. Kala Utsav is an initiative to bridge this gap and establish a connect between society and schools. This platform will encourage and showcase the artistic talent of students of secondary level and bring arts to the centre stage.

As an effort to mainstream students with special needs (differently-abled and from diverse socio-economic backgrounds) and celebrating their abilities, Kala Utsav is envisaged as a fully integrated platform. It would provide an opportunity and favourable environment to nurture and showcase their talents and help in making learning more concrete, creative and joyful.

Kala Utsav will be a pioneering celebration of art forms in the school system and shall continue as an ongoing programme. The District/state/national-level Kala Utsav is structured as an art festival which will include performances and display of exhibits along with their online art projects (e-project). The design of Kala Utsav will help students explore, understand and showcase their living traditions in art. Through Kala Utsav, students will get the opportunity to understand and celebrate cultural diversity at school, district, state and national levels. It will not only spread awareness among students, but also create awareness of India?s cultural heritage and its vibrant diversity amongst other stakeholders. Further, this will help to promote networking of artists, artisans and institutions with schools.

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