Pitch Video Challenge

The Imagine Cup Pitch Video Challenge

The Imagine Cup Pitch Video Challenge

Pitch Video Challenge

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The Imagine Cup Pitch Video Challenge

Pitch Video Challenge, The Imagine Cup Pitch Video Challenge, Pitch Video Challenge Competition


The Imagine Cup Pitch Video Challenge gives students the chance to pitch their technology project in the form of a video screened and evaluated by a panel of judges. It?s your chance to tell the story of your project and your team, what you?re trying to accomplish, how you?ll do it, and what the result will be like.

The Pitch Video Challenge is not required for any of our other competitions nor does it in any way affect your eligibility for those competitions. It is not a part of our National Finals, Online Finals, World Semifinals, or World Finals events. Instead, this is a stand-alone global online contest which has its own judging criteria and prizes.

If you choose to compete in this Challenge, then you agree that your participation is subject to the following:

? The Imagine Cup Official Rules

? The Imagine Cup Pitch Video Challenge Official Rules and Regulations described below.


This Competition starts at 00:01 Greenwich Mean Time (?GMT?) on 10 September 2013 and ends at 11:59 GMT on 25 October 2013 (?Entry Period?) and consists of a single round.


You are eligible to enter if you meet the eligibility criteria detailed in the Imagine Cup Official Rules & Regulations


To enter, visit www.imaginecup.com and register as instructed. You can submit your entry from your Team Profile page immediately.

When you submit your project, indicate on the submission form whether you are submitting in the Games, Innovation, or World Citizenship categories. For guidance on those categories and their themes, please see www.imaginecup.com. Regardless of the category you choose for the Pitch Video Challenge, your entry will be evaluated solely by the judging criteria defined in these rules and has no bearing on whether or not you choose to submit an entry for Games, Innovation, or World Citizenship in the Imagine Cup.

Rules regarding the size of your team, your associates, the role of the team mentor, academic institution and national residency requirements, and other information can be found in the ?Teams, Associates, and Mentors? section of the Imagine Cup Official Rules & Regulations.


For each of the three categories of Games, Innovation, and World Citizenship there will be ten winners for a total of thirty winners. The prizes for each category are:

. First Place: $3,000 USD, to be divided equally among each officially registered member of the Team . Honorable Mention (nine teams per category): An Imagine Cup lapel pin for each team member.

All winners will also receive written feedback from the judges on their project to help them improve their plans and their videos will be featured on the Imagine Cup website.


Pitch Video

The Pitch Video is a video recording of your team presenting their project concept. It does not need to include any working software or hardware demonstrations, just a presentation of your project?s concept and your plan for making it. Your video must follow these requirements:

1. Your video must be submitted in WMV or MP4 formats and must be compressed to a file of no more than 500MB.

2. It must be no longer than five minutes in duration.

3. It should address the judging criteria for this contest.

Reference Link : www.imaginecup.com

The Imagine Cup Pitch Video Challenge