Christchurch Educated Skills Scholarships India 2015

Christchurch Educated Skills Scholarships India

Skills Scholarship for India 2015

The Christchurch Educated Skills Scholarship programme is targeted at Indian graduates wishing to study at post graduate level in Christchurch in specific disciplines which are aligned to clearly identified skill shortage areas associated with the Christchurch rebuild programme.

These include Construction, Engineering, Telecommunications, ICT and Science. After completing a post graduate qualification at Level 7 or above in Christchurch, the Christchurch Educated Skills Scholarship recipients will have opportunities to undertake internships or gain employment in companies which are experiencing growth due to the current economic climate. In 2014, Christchurch Educated Skills Scholarships worth NZD$150,000 were awarded to Fifteen top Indian students. They are now studying postgraduate courses directly related to the Christchurch rebuild. If you are interested in applying for the 2015 scholarships,


Christchurch Educated Skills Scholarship