20th UGC-CEC Educational Video Competition

Consortium for Educational Communication

Consortium for Educational Communication (An Inter-University Centre of UGC on Electronic Media) IUAC Campus, Aruna Asaf Ali Marg, New Delhi ? 110 067 (Road from JNU East Gate to Vasant Kunj)

20th UGC-CEC Educational Video Competition

Consortium for Educational Communication (CEC) is an Inter-University Centre created by the UGC with the responsibility of utilizing electronic media in education. CEC coordinates the management and production of programmes in the 17 Media Centres set up by the UGC in various Universities of India. These programmes are telecast through Vyas-24 hour higher education channel and can be received on DTH Platform of DD Plus. CEC is nodal body of UGC for implementation of E-content development Scheme on Higher Education. CEC organizes Educational Video Competition every year to promote excellence in the field of Educational Television and e-content development.

CEC invites entries for the 20th Video Competition which is open to all the Educational Institutions in India and for e-content category it will be open to foreign countries as well.

Categories of Award:

i) Best Educational Programme of the year (Cash Prizes Rs.1,00,000/-)

ii) Best E-Content Programme of the year (Cash Prizes Rs. 1,00,000/-)

iii) Best Formative Research (Cash Prizes Rs. 25,000/-)

iv) Best Script (Cash Prizes Rs. 25,000/-)

v) Best Camera Work (Cash Prizes Rs. 25,000/-)

vi) Best Editing (Cash Prizes Rs. 25,000/-)

vii) Best Sound (Cash P rizes Rs. 25,000/-)

viii) Best Graphic/Animation / Special Effects (Cash Prizes Rs. 25,000/-)

ix) Best Programme for animation (Cash Prizes Rs. 50,000/-)

x) Best Video production of the year by students studying in Mass Communication, Journalism, Film / TV and allied professional courses. (Cash Prizes Rs. 25,000/-)

Conditions for Entry:

(1)The video programme produced between 1st January, 2008 and 31st December, 2008, would be eligible, (2) More than one programme in each category is permissible. (3) The duration of the programme should be between 5 to 30 minutes. (4) The programme should either be in English or Hindi; programmes in other languages should be dubbed or subtitled in English language, (5) Undertaking that the programme does not violate the copyright / intellectual property right law.

Entry forms and detailed terms and conditions of the Competition may be collected free of cost from the address indicated below, from the date of publication in the Newspaper to 15th July, 2009.

The last date of submission of entry form(s) and video tape(s)/ DVD is 31 st July, 2009.

:or details and application forms contact: Research Scientist, Consortium for Educational Communication, Aruna Asaf Ali Marg, New Delhi -110 067, Tel: 011-26897417 Fax: 011-26897416 E-mail: cec-uqc0jcecuqc,orq. Website:www.cec-ugc.org

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Consortium for Educational Communication