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Entrance Exam - ISI Admission Test

Introduction to ISI Admission Test

Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) is a unique institution devoted to the research, teaching and application of statistics, natural sciences and social sciences. Founded by Professor P.C. Mahalanobis in Kolkata on 17th December, 1931, the institute gained the status of an Institution of National Importance. The Headquarters of ISI is located in kolkata with two Centres in Delhi and Bangalore. 3- year B.Stat (hons), 3-year B.Math (hons), 2-year M.stat, 2-year M.S in Library and Information Science, 2- year in Computer Science, 2-year m.Tech in Quality, Reliability and Operation Research. Stipends will be given to eligible students.

Junior research fellowships in Stat-stics, mathematics, Quaantitative Economics, Computer Science, Biological Anthropology, Physics and Applied Mathematics, Agriculture and Ecology Sociology, Geology, Human Genitics, Psychology, Demography, Library and Information Science are also offered.

Selection of candidates is based on academic record, Admission tests and interviews conducted by the Institute.

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Entrance Exam - ISI Admission Test