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Why has Barefoot College launched this fellowship?

Barefoot College has always encouraged collaborations with young
people through providing avenues and learning opportunities to build leadership skills that allow youth to explore the development sector. Barefoot College, from its inception in 1972, has a rich history of volunteers coming in to exchange learnings with the local community. The Barefoot Rise Fellowship was created for young people to undergo experiential learning in rural India while working to improve teaching and learning at the community school.

Do Fellows get holidays?

Yes. The best thing about being a teacher is that you get school holidays. School has holidays on Sundays. The school has scheduled mid-term, winter and summer vacations. Also exposure visits are scheduled so that fellows will not miss too much school, so these often happen during scheduled vacation time.

What exactly do Fellows do in schools?

In the first year fellows are largely classroom teachers. So just imagine what a teacher does. Some things that fellows do in the day include conducting and or supporting at the school assembly, teaching lessons, conducting assessments, lesson planning, creating TLMs, communicating with parents etc. Fellows work to make connections with the local community and exchange knowledge and culture with them.

Can anyone leave the Fellowship after one year or be asked to leave mid-way?
Fellows have their freedom of choice and are not bound by any contract. We request you to apply for fellowship only if you can commit to minimum of one academic year because your decisions greatly affect the children in your classes. Please remember that this is a personal commitment you are making to the community, school and organisation. Mentors in the fellowship are understanding of the importance of fellows’ personal well-being and, through building close relationships with the fellows, are able to monitor and support the fellows in whatever ways are possible.

What are the core principles of the Fellowship?
Barefoot Rise Fellowship believes in building teachers at grassroots level who work to try and understand the local context as well as the wider trends in education. The fellowship is built with ‘learning by doing’ as one of its core principles where fellows learn about themselves as individuals and teachers, learn about challenges in education sector, get exposed other issues and case studies linked to learning and learn to think critically about policies in education and rural development. For more detailed information, please refer to ‘Mission’ section of this document.

What kind of support will the fellows get during the fellowship period?
Fellows are supported with training through orientation, mentorship during the year, learning and sharing circles and exposure visits. Please refer to ‘Support’ section of this document for more information. Fellows live in a safe communal living environment and have many opportunities to form close relationships with local community and other volunteers at Barefoot College.

How can I apply for the Fellowship?
Applications for the 2019 Fellowship will open on 01 February 2019 until 30 April 2019. Submit the application through the online link.

Why should I join the Barefoot Rise Fellowship?
Barefoot College offers you the chance to make a real difference in tackling one of India’s most pressing challenges – access to quality education. Working with Barefoot College, you will not only overcome the challenge but also develop a strong understanding of the rural development eco-space through developing and leveraging your strong leadership skills.

Who is the fellowship looking for?
Barefoot College is looking for potential Fellows who have exhibited academic proficiency, demonstrated leadership, strong organizational skills, hold a degree and are inclined to make a commitment to the community.

What does the Barefoot Rise Fellowship entail?
The two-year commitment is necessary to make the impact we wish to have on student achievement. Throughout the period, fellows will refine their teaching skills and will start to establish respect and trust among various stakeholders within the school community and the students. During this same period, the fellows with work closely with Barefoot College to develop teaching strategies to achieve an overall goal of providing access to quality education to children from underprivileged communities of India.

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