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Prakriti Research Fellowship – FAQ

Prakriti Research Fellowship – FAQ

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Prakriti Research Fellowship


Please go through the FAQs section carefully before filling in the application form which will clear most of your doubts. If you still have a query you can write to us at <info(at)carpeindia.org>


What projects will be funded?
▪ We are looking for projects with clear achievable objectives bringing about tangible on-ground conservation action and research. The proposal should fit well in the given themes. Most importantly, the impacts of the project should be measurable.

▪ For Category 1, projects must be based in Aurangabad division only will be funded.

▪ For Category 2, projects across India based on the given themes will be funded, Except Aurangabad Division.


What projects may be funded?
▪ Proposals for tangible on-ground conservation action on above listed themes will be given priority. However, pure research proposals shown to have direct relevance towards taking informed decisions for conservation of a threatened species or habitat will be considered as long as the project fits well in any of the given themes.

▪ MSc dissertation and PhD work will usually not be funded, unless they demonstrate conservation action, which is the focus of this fellowship


What projects will not be funded?
▪ No litigation/activism will be funded.
▪ Participation for conferences, workshops, and expeditions will not be funded


Who should apply?
▪ We are looking for applications from independent researchers and small NGOs, especially self-motivated, passionate researchers and small conservation groups.
▪ The applicant must be an Indian national.


How long will it take to announce the selected projects?
The decision of the reviewers will be communicated to every applicant via email within 3 months after the final submission date. In case you do not hear from us after this period, you can drop us an email.


Can I apply again if my application is rejected?
Applicant can only apply for funding for a single project in one call for proposal. If rejected, a new application can be submitted in the following call.


How many projects will be funded in a year?
We are looking at funding two projects in category 1 and three projects in category 2. However, if we do not find merit in any of the applications received in a category, projects from the other category can be considered for funding. This decision lies with the panel of reviewers, CARPE and the sponsors.


How will my project proposal be evaluated?
Only completed application (with reference letters) will be sent to reviewers for evaluation. A panel of Subject Matter Experts will evaluate your proposal using an objective scoring card. The selection criteria is based on how relevant the project idea is to the call; whether it addresses an important conservation problem and provides workable, tangible solutions; how achievable the objectives are in the given time frame; is the methodology scientifically sound and well structured; whether the outcomes are measurable; ability of the applicant to lead the project based on work experience, and comments given by your referee, among others.

A telephonic interview will be conducted for shortlisted projects to finalize the projects to be funded.


What are the steps after my project is selected for the fellowship?
You will be asked to send a one page note on your project, and a powerpoint slide about yourself and the project, which will be shared with the sponsors

Kick-off meeting in Aurangabad will be organized by CARPE to have an informal in-person interaction with the selected fellows. During this meeting, the fellow will need to give a presentation on their project concept, proposed activities along with timelines to the sponsors of your project, CARPE team and founders of Prakriti research fellowship. Sponsorship to cover travel and accommodation costs will be provided on a need-basis.

During this meeting, the fellow would need to sign an agreement with CARPE, a hard copy of which will given to the fellow. Post this the first installment of funds will be released. The following documents need to be kept ready

1. Pan Card (individual/ organization)
2. Registration Certificate (in case of organization)
3. GST Number (if applicable)


How will the funds be disbursed?
40% of the funds will be transferred upon signing of MoU. Balance 30% + 20% funds will be transferred on submission of both the reports, the first quarter and mid-term, in the prescribed format. Remaining 10% fund will be transferred after submission of final report. 10% TDS will be deducted at every disbursement. At any time if the project progress is found unsatisfactory, the disbursement of future installments will be held back till the problems are resolved.


What is the reporting process?
Within one month of the start of the project, the fellow would need to send a short write up along with photographs to upload on the CARPE website. Format of this will be sent to the selected applicant.

The fellow is expected to prepare 1 popular article in English and in the regional language of the state which will be used for publication in online and print media by CARPE

First quarter and midterm report should be submitted to us in the stipulated time. Regular reporting will help in quick disbursement of funds. A detailed final report, in the prescribed format, should be submitted during the last month of project completion. We would encourage you to use social media to update the progress of the project, and share links of the same with us. Basic guidelines for sharing on social media will be shared with fellows


How is the fellowship concluded?
The reviewers will give comments on your final report. After working on comments, the fellows will need to come to Aurangabad to present their results, and submit the final report to the sponsor and CARPE to complete the fellowship. Sponsorship to cover travel and accommodation costs will be provided on a need-basis


For more details please refer the Official website of Prakriti Research Fellowship


Page updated 01.03.2019

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