PrimeMinisterís Fellowship Scheme For Doctoral Research

PrimeMinisterís Fellowship Scheme For Doctoral Research

PrimeMinisterís Fellowship Scheme For Doctoral Research : In the Year of Science, to attract talent for Doctoral Research and to boost industrial research by academic institutions, the government and industry have jointly developed a scheme to provide double scholarships to PhD Fellows. Applications are invited from already registered PhD fellows for academic year 2012 in areas of research of Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture and Medicine from any recognized Indian University or Institute or research laboratory in India for award of Prime Ministerís Fellowship for Doctoral Research for a maximum period of four years to do research on industry-relevant topics leading to awarding of PhD degree. Application format and necessary documents required are available on the website:


* Only those who have already registered for PhD in 2012 in any recognized university or institution or research laboratory will be eligible to apply

* The registered PhD Fellows should have already identified a broad area of research which has practical relevance and industrial application

* They should also have identified an industry partner who is willing to sponsor their research

* The candidate and the proposed research topic should qualify on criteria of excellence and relevance

* The candidate should have proven outstanding track record

* The candidate should be willing to work in / with industry on specific projects


* 100 Fellowships will be awarded every year, starting from 2012

* Duration of Fellowships will be four years

* Fellowship Amount will be approximately Rs 6 lakh per annum (government scholarship of approximately Rs 3 lakh per annum being equivalent to the prevailing norms for JRF / SRF. Sponsoring industry will match government scholarship)

* If selected to receive the Prime Ministerís Fellowship for Doctoral Research, the candidate will cease to receive any other scholarship which he / she may be receiving at present


* Applications will be submitted online

* A joint committee of SERB and CII, to be called Apex Council, will conduct transparent selection and monitoring of projects

* The availability of Prime Ministerís Fellowship Scheme for Doctoral Research will be advertised on the website of SERB and CII. Institutions may consider setting up appropriate mechanisms at their end to spread awareness among prospective candidates about this new Fellowship scheme

The fellowship is jointly implemented by SERB & Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)

Nodal Persons for Implementation of Scheme

Mr S SKohli , Director , Department of Science & Technology , Ministry of Science and Technology , Government of India , Technology Bhavan , New Mehrauli Road , New Delhi-110 016 , Tel: +91-11-26590499, E-Mail:

Ms Shalini S Sharma Head--Higher Education Confederation of Indian Industry 3rd Floor, IGSSSBuilding 28, Institutional Area, Lodi Road New Delhi-110003 Tel +91-11-45772009 (D) / 45772000 Ext 209 Fax: +91-11-45772014 E-mail:

For more details & Eligibility, Terms and Conditions please refer the Website : PrimeMinisterís Fellowship Scheme For Doctoral Research


PrimeMinisterís Fellowship Scheme For Doctoral Research