Futures Trading Secrets Sales Program

Futures Trading Secrets Sales Program

Don't Waste 6 Years Learning to Trade!

Who is Bill McCready and why should you take this Website seriously?

I thought trading would be easy! I am a smart guy, but did not become a successful trader until I understood all of the principles covered in this system.

My name is Bill McCready and I was the typical loser in the stocks and commodities trading game. Until I started to trade, my life was one success after another.

I am now 62 and started trading about eight years ago with only limited success. A few big wins and lots of small losses.

I have degrees in mathematics, engineering-physics and nuclear engineering.

I've worked in management positions as a nuclear submarine officer, astronomical engineer, venture capital consultant and Internet entrepreneur.

I have owned eleven businesses, including an engineering company, Novell networking company, AM-FM radio stations, an international product trading company, and a venture capital fund and consulting company.

Contact Us

If you would like to contact us to discuss your current trading needs, please feel free to call us AFTER market hours. We will be happy to talk with you on any topic covered here.

Phone: Toll Free in US 888-404-1212 and Outside US 775-747-8829 or by Email at: info@futurestradingsecrets.com

I am the creator and originator of this system and program. I have learned from many people, but the total package is my creation and how I trade.

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Futures Trading Secrets Sales Program