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IAIS - 2007 International Assessments For Indian Schools

Participate in 2007 International Assessments For Indian Schools (IAIS) and be a global achiever!

There is no escape from competing in the international space for anyone today!

The more global you want to be, the smaller the world becomes! Do we train our children to be global players? Do parents and teachers know how to train the children for it?

IAIS or the International Assessments for Indian Schools has the answer!

IAIS is an unparalleled educational measurement and assessment service to help you understand your students and their current academic achievement levels in the context of the immense possibility for excellence that awaits them!

The lifeline of academic achievement runs through

English , Science , Mathematics , Computer Skills

IAIS assesses the participants to present them with a completely objective analysis of their achievements in these subjects to find out :

Do I think out of the box?

Do I interpret facts to understand more?

Do I analyse verbal and numerical data to arrive at logical conclusions and solutions?

Participate in IAIS 2007 on 31 August and 1 September.

For more details please visit : www.iais.emacmillan.com

Best Wishes From www.scholarshipsinindia.com


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