Jewellery Design & Technology Institute (JDTI)

JDTI - Jewellery Design And Technology Institute - Noida

JDTI - Jewellery Design And Technology Institute - Noida

Jewellery Design & Technology Institute (JDTI)

Jewellery Design & Technology Institute (JDTI) is a model institute setup to bring about an essential change in the jewellery industry, as it exists in our country today. It was conceptualized by its parent company Silver Smith India Ltd., a multi- dimensional jewellery solutions company.

JDTI is promoted by the Indo-German Export Promotion Project implemented by the Gesellschaft fuer Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ, German agency for Technical Co-operation) facilitating technology transfer from Germany for selected India companies. It is also supported by World Gold Council, an international non-profit organization with its head office in London involved in promotional activities to increase the consumption of gold.

The institute founded in 1999 has become an active part of jewellery industry and educational sector with large strength of students and well experienced academic staff. It has build a strong infrastructure for offering rich knowledge about Jewellery designing that maximizes your awareness and skill sets. It is the institute, which is known for providing extensive exposure in Jewellery manufacturing in well-equipped workshops with the availability of advance tools and technologies. The institute is deeply committed to every aspect of sustainable development, regarding Jewellery designing and manufacturing.

The mission of the institute is to explore, understand and explain the origin, nature and prevalence of Jewellery industry in domestic and international markets.

Craftsmanship of Gold Jewellery in India is an ancient tradition passed on through generations. The karigar inherits techniques and skills from his forefathers, which he perfects to give traditional Jewellery a uniqueness of its own. However, these manufacturing techniques need to be enhanced with a profound knowledge of new technology and contemporary design skills. JDTI aims to impart a high level of education and training to its students, thereby enhancing the product quality of Indian Jewellery and expanding its reach in the domestic as well as international markets.

We firmly believe that if you can't make jewellery, you can't design jewellery. All ideas require the appropriate means for their realization. With this underlying concept, JDTI promises to give its aspirants the right tools in theory and practice in order to translate their ideas into reality.

Infrastructure :

* Our students work in modern state-of-the-art workshops fully equipped with the latest machines, tools and accessories.

* Every student will have an individual workbench to exercise and hone his/ her skills. The institute has three workshops for this purpose.

* Theoretical training is conducted in modern classrooms using the latest audio-visual techniques.

* Designers, Jewellery manufacturers and Marketing experts, in order to highlight all aspects of the jewellery industry from manufacturing to marketing, hold lectures, seminars and workshops.

* JDTI provides training to identify and evaluate gemstones using practical testing procedures. The institute has a well-equipped Gemmology Lab and a large regularly updated collection of Gemstones.

Programmes & Course

JDTI conducts Long-Term & Specialized Short-Term Courses along with Customized courses in Jewellery Design & Technology

Long-Term Programmes :

* Jewellery Design & Technology Course: The institute is conducting 2 year diploma course and 1 year certificate course in Jewellery designing and manufacturing. It is designed to learn the skills needed to generate and exemplify designs for a range of Jewellery. It emphasizes on basic drawing skills and fundamental aspects of Jewellery designing.

Specialized and Short-Term Courses :

* Custom-Made Jewellery Manufacturing Course (Duration - 6 months):

This course has been specially designed for individual and jewellery professionals to meet the need for management of Jewellery workshop, and also to update them with basic as well as advanced jewellery making techniques. * Comprehensive Jewellery Designing (duration - 6 months): This course has been specially designed for aspiring jewellery designers. You will learn how to create and communicate a design idea through various presentation techniques; understand the evolution of jewellery and the present day market needs. You will also learn about the usage of different gemstones. You will understand how to bridge the gap between the needs of the consumer and the manufacturer by using commercially viable and creative designs.

* Basic Jewellery Designing (Duration - 3 months): This course will cover basic presentation skills required for jewellery designing. The curriculum will also introduce the students to the various topics related to jewellery both in theory and practice. On course completion you will be able to visualize and communicate creative design ideas effectively.

* Gemmology Course (Duration - 3 months): No Jewellery designing course is complete without knowledge of gemstones. This course will teach you to grade and identify both diamonds and colored gemstones in JDTI's well equipped Gemmology Lab. The institute has a large updated collection of stones, which aids in the practical experience.

* Diamond Grading Course (Duration - 45 days): Where one can learn diamond grading and identification.

* Jewellery Retailing (Duration - 45 days): This course has been specially designed for aspiring Jewellery retail personnel and those already in the profession to give them the fine touch that makes all the difference.

* Jewel CAD (Computer-Aided Designing): Duration - 1 month. This course helps in making Jewellery designs that are precise in forms and ready to be manufactured and facilitates creativity with a comprehensive database of Jewellery forms, surfaces, settings, stone shapes, 3-D Rings, pendants and neckwear.

* Casting (Duration - 2 weeks): This course includes extensive practical training and strong exposure in all aspects of casting technology.

* Stone-Setting (Duration - 2 weeks): This course imparts both theoretical and practical knowledge about stone setting.

* Engraving & Enameling (Duration - 2 weeks): This course enables you to be a professional by offering extensive practical training both in engraving and enameling.

* Finishing, Polishing & Electroplating (Duration - 2 weeks): This course involves extensive practical training and complete exposure in finishing, polishing and electroplating.

* Jewellery Designing (Distance Learning): (Duration - 6 months) Certificate Programme in Jewellery designing is a unique opportunity for individuals and professionals with a creative desire to learn Jewellery designing. It is specifically advantageous for those who are dwelling out of station and cannot attend the classes within the premises.

Integrated Certificate Courses at JDTI provides the students with an edge in the industry. The young professionals can perform more effectively as the knowledge is wider. These courses are cost effective as compared to the individual courses.

At JDTI, we also design Individual Customized Programs and workshops of short durations for individuals or groups as per their specific needs in the field of Jewellery Design and Technology.

Over a period of six years more than 200 students have passed out in Diploma & Certificate Course and more than 500 in Specialized short term courses.

Internship/ Industrial Exposure :

The institute provides a 6 week internship to the students enrolled in the 2 year Jewellery Design & Technology Diploma Course. Several students have already successfully completed their internship with companies like Uni-design, Hazoorilal & Sons Jewellers, Euro Gold, Gili, Dwarka's, Mehrasons Jewellers and Inter Gold among others.

Placement Services

JDTI provides placement assistance to all the students graduating from the 2 year Diploma Course. The students after completing this course, work either as employees in the industry in the department of Design and Product Development (P.D.C.) or as freelancers. Some students also opt to setup their own units. JDTI provides guidance to students opting to setup their own manufacturing units. Students of JDTI have worked with top names in the Jewellery Industry: P.P. Jewellers, Dwarka's, Celeste, Inter Gold, Uni-Design, Enchante, Mehrasons and Adamus among others.

JDTI Gallery :

A Gallery for designer jewellery has been planned by JDTI to promote and exhibit the creative talent of its students [ex as well as present] to the people at large. The idea behind this is to provide the right platform to the students for appraising their creativity & ability to fence in the market. Apart from this the students also make profits by selling off their designs. The Jewellery collection exhibited in the gallery comprise of 925 sterling silver, 18-carat gold, gold/ Silver with stones, colored & oxidized pieces. The range displays the stunning example of excellent craftsmanship, from neckpieces to brooches, pendants to rings, earrings to bracelets & many more.

The idea of the gallery is to highlight the best talent of the next generation, as the chairperson of JDTI Mr. B.K. Narula believes that "Practical & Commercial Exposure is a must for all the future designers as they should evaluate themselves as per the market requirement".

Design Development Centre:

SSIL (Silver Smith India Ltd.), parent company of JDTI, has launched Design Development Centre - ddc. This centre is the first of its kind in India, providing all design related solutions to the jewellery industry. ddc is a unique design studio, with latest infrastructure - comprising of sophisticated equipments, expert craftsmen and renowned jewellery designers with remarkable talent, who have come together to provide the best of designs and products. ddc offers the opportunity to jewellery companies to outsource their day to day design related requirements and works as their extended organization. The team is involved in constant research and analysis of trends and forecasts, in order to design the latest, at par with International Standards.

Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board consists of eminent personalities, designers, industrialists and educationists who give vital inputs to ensure that our programmes are practical and industry-oriented. The board members are:

* Ms. Nafisa Ali, Social Worker and Film Personality

* Ms. Ritu Beri, Fashion Designer

* Mrs. Aruna Oswal, Social Worker

* Dr. Dietrich Kebschull, Director - Indo German Export Promotion Project

* Dr. Guglielmo Gali, Italian Trade Commissioner

* Mr. Mahesh Prasad, IAS (Retd.), Former Chairperson IT

* Mr. Joginder Singh, IPS (Retd.), Former Director General, C B I

* Ms. Divya Gurwara, CEO - Bridal Asia

* Mr. B. K. Narula, CMD - Silver Smith India Ltd.

Our Centers

Jewellery Design & Technology Institute A-89, Sector- 2 Noida (UP) 201 301 Ph.: 0120-2540571/ 72/ 73 Fax: 0120-2540578

Jewellery Design & Technology Institute F-11, South Extension, Part-I New Delhi - 110 049 Ph.: 011-24654504/ 41646893 Fax: 011-51646893

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JDTI - Jewellery Design And Technology Institute - Noida