Meteorology Courses In India

Meteorology Courses In India

Meteorology Courses In India

Meteorology is the study if different process and phenomena of atmosphere along with forecasting of weather. There are three aspects of meteorology - observation, understanding an predication of weather . Earlier, observation were made with simple instruments like thermometer of measuring temperature or anemometer basic gadgets are still used, satellites have made it possible to monitor the weather globally. Date are collected with the help of advance computer and super- computers on the basis of which weather forecasts are made.

Branches of Meteorology:


Deals with the study of climate of a place or regions on the basis of weather - related date gathered over a period of time.

Synoptic Meteorology:

This branch studies the movement of low pressure area, air, masses, fronts, and other weather systems, depression and tropical cyclones. Data are collected on a weather map, which map, which help the exports to get a synoptic view of world weather. As a result, day - to day analysis and forecasting has come to be known as synoptic meteorology.

Dynamic Meteorology:

This is the study of atmospheric process through mathematical equations. Taken together they are known as numerical model.

Physical Meteorology:

This entails the study of the physical process of the atmosphere, such of the physical process of the atmosphere , such as solar radiations, its absorption and scattering in the earth- atmosphere system, the radiation back to space and the transformation of solar energy into the Kineric Energy of air. The parts of physical metrology are the study if rain process and cloud physics.

Agricultural Meteorology:

In this branch focus of study is the application of meteorological information for the enhancement of crop yields and reduction of crop losses because of adverse weather.

Applied Meteorology:

Here, the meteorologists use weather information and adopt the findings of theoretical research of suit a specific application , like design of aircraft, control of air pollution, architectural design, urban planning , exploitation of solar and wind energy , air conditioning . development of tour ism, etc, How to become a Meteorologist ?

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) recruits students at Grade II level through application submitted to the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) . Minimum Qualification for the above are M.Sc physic /Maths or in Applied Physics of Maths or Computer Applications; B.Tech Engineering / Computer Application ; B.Tech Engineering / Computer Science, M.Sc Electronic or B. Tech Electronics. Students of B.Sc are also recruiter in the IMD through applications forwarded by the respective employment exchange. All those can also apply to to MD, who have done their Master's Meteorology or Atmospheric Sciences or Geo - physics or Meteorology as one of the subjects. People with Master's degree in Physics or Maths with Astronomy or Astrophysics as one of the subjects along with Masers degree in Science from a recognized University or equivalents are also eligible to apply. Selected student undergo one - year advance course in Meteorology at IMD campuses in Pune and New Delhi.

List of Institutions Offering Meterology Courses In India:

* IIT - Kharagpur offers course in Physics and Meteorology.

* The center for Atmospheric and Oceanic Science (CAOS), Indian Institute of Science. Bangalore - 560 012, offers research - oriented programmes leading to M.Sc (Engg). And Ph.D degree.

* Andhra University, Visakhapatanam, Andhra Pradesh 530 003. Course offered : M.Sc in Oceanography or Meteorology.

* Cochin University of Science and Technology , Cochin University, PO Cochin - 682 002, Kerala. Coerce offered : Diploma in Meteorology for one year.

* Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Fatehgunj, Vadodara - 390 002. Course offered : B.Sc in Meteorology.

* Shivaji University, Vidyanagar, Kolhapur - 415 004, Maharashtra. Course offered : B.Sc in Meteorology along with Oceanography.

* The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi of fers Ph.D., level programmes in nine to 10 Course in atmospheric, environment and ocean modeling. Interested students should have a first class in M.Sc or M.Tech.

Meteorology Courses In India