National Cyber Media Conclave

National Cyber Media Conclave-The evolving face of cyber media 2009


National Cyber Media Conclave 2009

National Cyber Media Conclave-The evolving face of cyber media 2009

National Cyber Media Conclave (NCMC) 2009

The evolving face of cyber media

Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication (SIMC), in association with Spice Jet organised National Cyber Media Conclave (NCMC) 2009, on the 28th of March 2009, at their campus in Lavale, Pune. The event, which was an initiative to recognise and acknowledge the power of the cyber medium, comprised of stalwarts from niche areas of the industry. It assumed the form of panel discussions and workshops and was formally inaugurated by Professor Ujjwal Kumar Chowdhury, Director, SIU and Dean, SIMC.

The first session, which was moderated by Prof. Anupam Siddhartha, Deputy Director, SIMC dealt with the potency of cyber media for information exchange, social exchange and networking. Mr. Kiruba Shankar, CEO Business Blogging Pvt. Ltd. who graced the session, emphasized the importance of the internet as a tool for networking and knowledge sharing, with interesting personal experiences to support the same. This was followed by a speech by Mr. Shivam Vij, a journalist with Tehelka and winner of IndieBloggies 2006. Mr. Vij threw light on the evolving relationship between mainsteam and social media in India and spoke about how they have evolved from being contrasting to complementary media. The third speaker for this session was Mr. Bhaskar Dravid, Founder, Viewspaper. Mr. Dravid stressed on the role of the media as a fourth estate and opined that media constantly reinvents itself in the form of the cyber medium to face challenges. The last speaker for this session was Ms. Jasmeen Bathija, Founder,, a site dedicated to street sexual harassment. Ms. Bathija emphasized the use of the internet as a tool for social change and spoke about the effectiveness of the campaign on cyber space. This was followed by a Q & A session with students posing questions ranging from the credibility of the cyber medium to the role of arm chair revolutionaries versus POP activists.

The post lunch session was again in the form of a panel discussion, moderated by Prof. Chowdhury. The session commenced with a speech by Mr. Rajesh Lalwani, Founder,, and Scenarios Consultancies. He spoke about the internet as a tool for marketing and how it has evolved as a completely new social media layer to influence consumers. The next speaker was Ms. Rashmi Dhanwani, Manager, Break Through Communications, a human rights organization which worked extensively on the Bell Bajao campaign. She opined that the success of the campaign proved that the internet was a powerful medium for advocacy and activism. She was followed by Mr. Namit Bimbhat, CEO, Switch Media Services India Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Bimbhat highlighted the evolving face of online video in the global and Indian context. His speech was followed by Mr. J Mahadevan, VP, Mr. Mahadevan spoke about the concept of connecting with cyber consumes and how consumer acquisition and retention have become important factors for the success of any cyber space venture. The last speaker of the day was Mr. Atul Chitnis, CPO, Geodesic Ltd., who primarily spoke about open source software and how people all around the world are working collaboratively to produce social software. The end of the session witnessed another Q & A session with issues ranging from the file compatibility issues of open source softwares to the effectiveness of social cyber campaigns. NCMC ?09 formally came to a close with Prof. Chowdhury summarizing the effectiveness of the cyber medium in interacting, engaging, involving and empowering people.

National Cyber Media Conclave-The evolving face of cyber media 2009