National Agricultural Innovation Project 2006

National Agricultural Innovation Project 2006


National Agricultural Innovation Project


National Agricultural Innovation Project 2006

The Second call invitation for concept notes on research projects under the identified thrust areas for support by the National Agricultural Innovation Project (NAIP) under Competitive Mode.

The NAIP has completed the first step processing of all the Concept Notes (CNs) and the final processing of some of the CNs submitted in response to the first call made during October 2006. This is the second and probably the final call for Concept Notes under the NAIP. The number of projects to be supported under this call will depend upon the number of projects that get sanctioned under the first call.

The Project:

The Government of India has launched the National Agricultural Innovation Project with a credit support of the World Bank. The project will run up to June 2012. The ICAR is operating the project. The overall objective of the project is to facilitate accelerated and sustainable transformation of Indian agriculture for rural poverty alleviation and income generation by the application of agricultural innovations through collaboration among public research organizations, farmers? groups, NGOs, the private sector and the civil societies and other stakeholders.

Research Components of NAIP to be funded:

The NAIP has three research Components:

* Research on Production to Consumption Systems (PCS) involving the entire set of actors, materials, activities, technologies, services and institutions engaged in all stages from supply of inputs to harvesting of a particular commodity and transforming it into a usable product, and storing/ marketing the final product.

* Research on Sustainable Rural Livelihood Security (SRLS) for improving and developing the most suitable farming systems and allied activities, in the less favourable environments and regions for rural livelihood improvement and security. The Project will be implemented in 150 backward districts identified by the Planning Commission.

* Basic and Strategic Research in the Frontier Areas of agricultural Science (BSR) aims at making investments in frontier science areas of agricultural research that are strategically important for Indian agriculture.

Thrust Areas for the Second Call:

The list of thrust areas on which research projects under components 2 & 4 are being invited in this call is given in the NAIP website. The proponents have to prepare the concept notes on these areas. Concept Notes covering those backward districts identified by the Planning Commission which neither have been covered by the selected Concept Notes submitted under the first call nor by those sub-projects funded under the sponsored mode will get priority under the second call. Work for clusters of two or more contiguous districts with similar livelihood systems will be preferred. Please see the NAIP website for the list of uncovered districts.

Who Can Participate?

The research Components will be implemented using the innovative concept of consortium of stakeholders which will facilitate wide collaboration and partnership among the stakeholders in using knowledge, setting priorities, in experimentation, and development and implementation of Technology. A consortium will consist of a few well-knit partners (say about six) who share a well defined and binding common goal and plan of work, have identified tasks for each and, a mutually agreed process of sharing resources and benefits. The consortium partners can be research institutions from both inside and outside the National Agricultural Research System (NARS) and any other organization or institution having common stake, experience, capability in agricultural research and development, willing to collaborate and fulfill all the requirements of NAIP. In the Component 4, individual institutions and network of institutions with proven record and reputation can also compete if the work so justifies.


All the competitive projects will be selected through a two-stage competition process. First, concept notes (CN) on project proposals from prospective consortia will be called. The consortia whose concept notes pass through the first round screening will be asked to submit full proposals. At the second stage, full proposals will be similarly screened and finally selected for funding.

Expenditure to be funded:

In general expenditure on goods & equipments; capacity building, renovation of labs and construction for housing new equipment/ plants, TA/ DA, workshops/ meetings, contractual staff, operation costs and institutional charges will be considered for funding as per the prescribed norms. Support to organizations for capital expenditure will be subject to certain conditions. Please see details at the website. The financial limits will depend on the nature of the project and will be decided by the Competent Committee.

Submission and Selection Process for Concept Notes:

Last date of submission: 12th October, 2007 (till 2400 hrs).

* The CNs has to be submitted strictly in the prescribed electronic format which will be available from 1000 hours of 10th September, 2007 to 2400 hrs of 12th October, 2007 on the NAIP website:

* Depending upon the rationale and objectives, the proponent has to identify the components of NAIP to which his/ her Concept belongs and submit the Concept Note in the relevant proforma prescribed for the identified component.

* Projects proposals with less than Rs.5 crore outlays will not be processed.

* The list of Concept Notes selected for development into full proposals will be put on the website of NAIP and the respective Consortium Principal Investigators will-also be intimated suitably.

* The decision of the Component Committee will be final.

* Submission of a Concept Note will imply that the proponent(s) agree(s) to abide by the rules of selection of NAIP.


* Any one institution/ organization may submit as the Consortium Leader, a maximum of two Concept Notes considering all the 3 research components together. However a state/ central agricultural University or a deemed-to-be agricultural University can submit up to 4 proposals considering all the 3 research components together.

* A Help Desk has been established at the National Academy, Hyderabad, for helping the prospective proponents. Please contact through the website: or the Phone No. 99660 08415 (Mobile) with your queries.

* For the details of modalities of operation including guidelines, formats etc, please see the website

Reference Website:

National Agricultural Innovation Project 2006