NCERT - National Council of Educational Research and Training

NCERT - National Council of Educational Research and Training

NCERT Announces New Syllabi Prepared According to the National Curriculum Framework - 2005

NCERT - National Council of Educational Research and Training

NCERT announces the release of new textbooks for the academic year 2007-2008

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Following the approval of the National Curriculum Framework ? 2005 and the new syllabus, NCERT has taken up a 3-phased textbook development programme.

2006 07: Classes I, III, VI, IX and XI

2007 08: Classes II, IV, VII, X and XII

2008 09: Classes V and VIII

Reprints of classes I, III, V, VI, VIII, IX and XI are also available

All textbooks of NCERT are available on the website:

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Subject wise titles Published under Phase II:

Class II:

Rimjhim Book II

Marigold Book II

Math-Magic Book II

Ibtedai Urdu

Class IV:

Rimjhim Book IV

Marigold Book IV

Math-Magic Book IV

Looking Around

Ibtedai Urdu

Class VII







Our Pasts-II

Social and Political Life ? II

Our Environment

Apni Zuban

Class X



First Flight




Contemporary World History

Understanding Economic Development

Contemporary India

Democratic Politics ? II

? Gulzare Urdu

Class XII







Mathematics Part I


Physics Part I

Chemistry Part I

Themes of Indian History Part I

Fundamentals of Human Geography (Geography Part I)

Microeconomics (Economics Part I)

Indian Society (Sociology I)

Accountancy Part I


Business studies


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The New syllabi attempt to ensure that learning is a source of joy, not stress

The syllabi take the following considerations into account :

* Pervasive resonance of values enshrined in the Constitution of India in the organisation of knowledge and subjects.

* Sensitivity to gender and caste equality and the needs of children with special needs.

* Appropriateness of topics and themes for the relevant psychologial stages of children's development

* Linkage between school knowledge and children's everday experiences.

* Infusion of environment related knowledge in different subjects, as also integration of peace and work related attitudes and values in all subjects at all levels.

* Need to nurture scientific and social temper, aesthetic sensibility and values.

* Softening of boundaries between subject areas, thematic linkages and centrality to activities and innovative teaching practices.

* Spread of topics and activities linked to the number of school days.

Textbooks based on the new syllabi shall be introduced in Three Phases

Phase : I Academic Year : 2006-07 Classes : I,III,VI,IX & XI

Phase : II Academic Year : 2007-08 Classes : II,IV,VII,X & XII

Phase : III Academic Year : 2008-09 Classes : V & VIII

National Council Of Educational Research and Training Sri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi - 110 016


NCERT Announces the release of New Textbooks for the Academic Year 2006-2007

Textbooks are available on NCERT's website

In case of difficulty in downloading file please contact : 011-26862576

Urdu Versions of textbooks for Social Sciences and Mathematics for classes I,III,VI, IX and XI will be released shortly.

Textbooks for classes II,IV,V,VII,VIII,X and XII will remain unchanged for the Academic Year 2006-2007

If you cannot obtain these textbooks by 15 April, 2006 Please contact:

Chief Business Manager Publication Department NCERT, Sri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi - 110 016 Phone: 011-26852261 Fax: 011-26851070

NCERT - National Council of Educational Research and Training