New Zealand Excellence Awards

New Zealand Excellence Awards 2017

New Zealand Excellence Awards

New Zealand Excellence Awards (NZEA) is a unique initiative to encourage ambitious and capable Indian students to study at world-class universities in New Zealand.

New Zealand universities are among the best in the world ? all are within the top 3 percent of universities worldwide.

New Zealand education promotes the spirit of invention, innovation and collaboration. Students are encouraged to think for themselves. Inquisitiveness, curiosity and independent thinking are rewarded.

NZEA features 35 scholarships across all eight universities, offering an opportunity for Indian students to experience New Zealand excellence in various fields such as related programmes.

This directory gives information on scholarships, eligibility and application details from all eight participating New Zealand universities:

* AUT University * Lincoln University * Massey University * University of Auckland * University of Canterbury * University of Otago * University of Waikato * Victoria University of Wellington

Scholarship applications should include:

* Offer letter from the New Zealand university

* Completed scholarship application form

Important dates:

* Application to study at university by: 30 October 2017

* Application for scholarship by: 15 November 2017

All scholarship applications should be submitted online on

Successful candidates will be informed individually.

For more details please refer the Website :

New Zealand Excellence Awards