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Popular Front of India Scholarship

Popular Front of India Scholarship

Popular Front of India Scholarship


Criteria For Popular Front of India Scholarship


Popular Front of India offers scholarship support awarded based on Need, Academic Merit, Background, Specific Talents or Professional Interests. Preference will be given to applicants whose course choices relate to the priority areas like Journalism, Law, Social Work etc. After graduation and gainful employment, All scholarship beneficiaries are obliged to sponsor needy students. Kindly contribute to improve socio-economic status of other less privileged students once you are successful.


Application Deadline


Applications may be submitted up until the closing date of scholarship and only through online. Application receiving period are July to August for each year. Applications will close at the end of August. This timeframe may change but we will issue a press release in this regard.




Please note that once the scholarship results are known, all applicants will receive an auto generated email with the application status . This will normally take approximately 3 months after the closing date, however, in some cases this may take a little longer. Also Students can check their application status by Application Status Page

For more details & Guidance on completing your online application please refer the Scholarship Publisher Website

Popular Front of India Scholarship

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