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How To Improve Your Listening Skills

Listening forms the basis of any communication. Unfortunately, no scientific or methodical training in listening skill is offered in educational institutions.

The main steps to listening can be listed as follows:

* Maintaining good eye contact with the speaker

* Being relaxed and attentive

* Not getting distracted by thoughts

* Not interrupting the speaker

* Focusing on key words.

* Observing the speaker?s body language

* Grasping the meaning of words by the pitch, stress, voice and tone

* Visualizing the speaker?s words

* Asking pertinent questions when the speaker finishes

* Not imposing your ideas.

Effective listening can be developed by persistent practice. A careful listener always speaks clearly, confidently and correctly. Listening improves the language proficiency of a person. It is the gateway to knowledge and successes in all our endeavours.

How To Improve Your Listening Skills