Taiwan ICDF Scholarships

Taiwan International Cooperation and Development Fund

International Higher Education Scholarship Program

International education and training has long been one of the TaiwanICDF?s core operations, among many others. Human resources development programs play a vital role in assisting partner countries achieve sustainable development, and education is a crucial mechanism for training workforces in developing countries. The TaiwanICDF provides scholarships for higher education and has developed undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D. programs in cooperation with renowned partner universities in Taiwan.

Scholarship Benefits : Entitlements: The TaiwanICDF provides each scholarship recipient with a full scholarship, including return airfare, housing, tuition and credit fees, insurance, textbook costs and a monthly allowance.

Details of Scholarship Benefits

TaiwanICDF Scholarship Partner Universities : The TaiwanICDF has established the Taiwan International Cooperation Alliance (TICA) with its partner universities, setting up an operational platform under this TICA framework to manage and improve the scholarship program. More information about each of the programs offered through the TaiwanICDF International Higher Education Scholarship Program can be found on the relevant partner university?s website.- Refer Official website.


Applicants applying for a TaiwanICDF scholarship must meet both the general eligibility criteria and be a national of a country on the List of Countries Eligible for TaiwanICDF Scholarship. Applicants must also meet the Regulations Governing Visiting, Resident, and Permanent Residency of Aliens set by ROC(Taiwan) National Immigration Agency.

Note: All Undergraduate Programs only accept applications submitted by citizens of allied countries of ROC(Taiwan).

Application Procedure

The annual application period runs, in principle, from January 1 to March 15. (For 2016 Scholarship program, the application period runs from January 1 to March 18, 2016.)

For more details & Eligibility, Terms and Conditions please refer the Website : Taiwan ICDF Scholarships


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