TATA Delight Child Scholarships

TATA Delight Child Scholarships

TATA Delight Child Scholarships

TATA Delight Program offers cash scholarships based on academic performance, per year. All TATA Delight loyalty program members can apply for scholarships for their children by filling a form and attaching the mark sheets as a proof of academic achievement.

Enrolments for season 5 have started and will continue to be open till 20th November, 2017. To go through the program details, please click below.

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To participate in the on-going Scholarship Scheme

* Clicking Here.

* Fill in the details & attach all the necessary documents with the form.

* Submit the form at the nearest TATA Motors Authorized Dealership.

* Scheme period: 17th October, 2017 - 20th November, 2017.Scholarship Announcement in December, 2017

Terms and conditions:

Scheme period: 17th October, 2017 - 20th November, 2017

Scholarships will be awarded to children who have passed class X or XII in the academic year 2016 - 2017

Minimum percentage eligibilty: 75%

Scholarship form will be rejected if the required documents are not sent along with it. The list of required documents is mentioned on the form

The decision of TATA Motors Ltd. on awarding scholarship grants is final and binding

TATA Motors Ltd. reserves the right to change the scholarship criteria without notice

Winner should be a blood relative of an active TATA Delight member

Scholarship amount will only be given under child's bank account number. Scholarship cheque once issued will not be returned or transferred

Scholarship cheque will be issued only on child's name. If the child does not have a bank account, please open a bank account for the child

For more details, call: 1800-209-7979 / E-mail: delight@tatamotors.com / Visit: www.tatadelight.com

For more details please refer the Website : http://www.tatadelight.com/privileges_benefits_scholarship.php

TATA Delight Child Scholarships