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The pattern of training for the Chartered Accountancy course has been revised with effect from October 2001. Instead of the Foundation and Intermediate examinations, we now have the Professional Education-I and Professional Education-II examinations. The papers and syllabi also stand revised and updated in tune with the emerging trends. The new pattern is as follows:


1.Fundamentals of Accounting

2.Mathematics and Statistics


4.Business Communication and Organisation and Management

PE - II Group I



3.Business and Corporate Laws

Group II

1.Fundamentals of Financial Management and Costing

2.Income Tax and Central Sales Tax

3.Information Technology

Final Examination : Group I

1.Advanced Accounting

2.Advanced Financial Management

3.AdvancedAdvanced Auditing

4.Corporate Laws and Secretarial Practice

Group II

1.Cost Management

2.Management Information and Control System

3.Direct Taxes

4.Indirect Taxes

After the Plus Two stage, students can launch their PE programme comprising two parts that can be covered in nearly two years. Those who have a university degree with the prescribed minimum marks can however skip the PEI hurdle and directly join the PE II level training.

During the last six months of the practical training or thereafter, students can appear for the final examination. After passing the final examination, candidates have to undergo a short programme on General Management and Communication Skills. A brilliant and hard-working student can complete the programme in a total period of five years, become an Associate Member, obtain a Certificate of Practice and enjoy all the privileges and prerogatives of a chartered accountant.

There is no objection in undergoing a regular academic programme in a college during his preparation for the PE courses.

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1.The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Indraprastha Marg, New Delhi-110 002

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2.Deputy Secretary, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, 122, Mahatma Gandhi Salai, Chennai - 600 034

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