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Anandam Senapathi Scholarship

Anandam Senapathi Scholarship

Anandam Senapathi Scholarship -2017 from SRK-Pratiksha Trust

Now Open: Application for Anandam Senapathi Memorial Educational Endowment for the year 2017 from Sri Ramakrishna Ashram and Pratikhsa Trust.

Rules, Regulations and Conditions for Receiving Scholarship

1. Students who have passed Plus 2 from Kerala and obtained admission to medicine and engineering in the academic year 2017-18.

2. The scholarship amount for engineering is a maximum of Rs 48000/year for four years and M.B.B.S.is 48000/year for 4.5 years. The exact amount will be determined by the fees paid and the merit of the student.

3. The candidate should have scored above 80% in the Plus 2 examination and a good score in KEAM/JEE/NEET exam.

4. The candidate should be from poor families with income below Rs 3 lakhs per annum.

5. Certificates from the Village Officer / Tahsildar to this effect should be furnished. (Income Certificate). BPL Ration card to be included in case of BPL students.

6. Copies of S.S.L.C., +2 mark lists should be attached.
7. Certificate from the head of the institution in which the student is studying.

8. The selected Candidate should come along with the parents (Father or Mother) at the time of interview.

9. The Selected Candidate should furnish periodic report (Once in 6 months) regarding their academic performance certified by the head of the institution.

10. The Candidate should attend the meeting of the recipients of scholarship once in 6 months which will be intimated to him / her a month in advance.

11. The scholarship will be terminated if the Candidate doesn’t fair well in studies.

12. Amount will be given to the selected candidate only by Demand Draft / M.T. to his / her Account.

13. Candidate should furnish a voucher stating the receipt of the amount he / she has received for the payment of next installment.

14. Those who are receiving Scholarship or financial support from any other sources are not eligible to apply for this scholarship. Students receiving scholarships from other entities or fee concessions from Government/college afterwards have to inform the Ashram within two weeks of receiving the same. The failure of the same will end in termination of the scholarship.

15. The total amount received by the candidate should be repaid as monthly installments or lumpsum payment without interest once the candidate is employed. The student should commit to the education to another student recommended by the Trust once they are gainfully employed. The candidate should give a bond on Rs. 100/- Non Judicial Stamp Paper to this effect.

16. The Ashrama will be able to give the candidate the specified amount only if the sponsorship is continued by Pratiksha Trust. Failure on our side in such a condition should not be sued in the court of law or questioned by the candidate. In short, the undertaking of this institution will be conditional.

17. The Ashrama will have full power to withdraw on cancel the scholarship given to any candidate if he / she is found discontinuing his / her studies or not fairing well in examinations or failure in examinations or not observing the rules and regulations.

Scholarship amount: Rs 48000/year for the duration of the course

Academics: Should have scored at least 80% for Plus 2 examination and a good rank for NEET/KEAM exam

Who Can Apply: First year MBBS/Engineering students from Kerala with annual income less than Rs. 3 Lakhs

Last date to apply: Oct 31 2017

Contact Information: For more details email to info@pratikshatrust.com or call 7907960430 between 10a.m. to 5 p.m. on working days.

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