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Arch College of Design And Business Admissions

Arch College of Design And Business Admissions


Get an International Degree in Design through ARCH College and Fulfill your Dreams


Do you think getting an International Degree Program should be the next big step to forge a successful career path? If yes, then Arch College of Design & Business is just the platform you need to let your aspirations take flight. The international study program at this institute gives students an opportunity to study abroad in (3+1+1) years study program. Here is everything you need to know about this along with other necessary details.


What to expect under this program?


After the conclusion of three successful years at the institute, you can undertake the final international degree year that is Level 6 with a chance to study abroad. You can take advantage of this prospect at an institution or university that has an agreement with ARCH. Under this category, you can carry out programs in the field of interior design, graphic design, fashion design and product design.


Arch College of Design And Business Admissions


BA Interior Design


Going through with the Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design ensures sensitivity, inquiry, design excellence, professionalism, critical appraisal, ethics, sensitivity and responsibility is inculcated. Students are taught and motivated to develop an understanding of research methods as well as design development processes that revolve around interior design.


While the first years mostly revolves around contextual studies, the second year deals with critical study in art design, computer aided design, 3D practices as well as materials and structures. The third year focuses on styling and advanced interior design studies. The course then moves onto Master’s degree level and ultimately comes to a completion with the International Degree Study Abroad Programme.


BA Product Design


A Bachelor in Product Design mostly deals with developing competence in the skills that revolve around design and manufacturing of craft based products. It is an artful blend of Indian crafts and contemporary design practice. The course deals with all of the stages and activities that focus on product creation, right from its inception to the final completion. Students are encouraged to question form, context, culture, function and concept so that you eventually end up with personalized creative solutions.


While the first year deals with common foundation studies in art and design, the second year looks at critical study in art and design, materials and structures, 3D practices as well as CAD. Year three is all about styling and advanced product design studies. Year four is BA degree level 6 and year five is Master Courses in Product Design degree level 7 as it opens up to the International Degree Study Abroad Programme.


BA Fashion Design


The course emphasizes on fashion related materials and construction methods where students can get the opportunity to get information as well as understanding on the various manufacturing and finishing techniques that exist. As the course goes on, learners imbibe the attitude, knowledge and skills needed to come up with a clear, unique, creative and professional portfolio of work. After completing the first three years of this course, the final degree year offers you a study abroad prospect.


Before this however, you need to master pattern cutting and garment making, fashion and textile practices, critical study in art and design as well as styling among other aspects.


BA Graphic Design


BA in graphic design, one of the Graphic Design Courses mostly deals with historical and contemporary graphic contexts that give you a glimpse of how visual language is utilized to communicate with the purchase user and audience at large. Students learn the art of communicating visually by taking into account social, cultural and aesthetic values. They are honed with the practical and theoretical skills so that they can visually comprehend effectively to the targeted audience.


The curriculum usually deals with common and critical foundation studies in arts and design, typography, graphic design practices, web design as well as applied practice collaborative project among other elements.


In conclusion


You can gain a chance to major in any of these above mentioned courses of your liking while also taking your dreams of studying abroad to new heights. While career opportunities are only going to expand from then on, you are sure to find your own path that is going to take you to an all new level of personal growth and success. For a more comprehensive idea about this international study program, you can contact or explore the website of Arch College of Design & Business.


Arch College of Design And Business



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