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Minerva Schools

Minerva Schools

Minerva Schools

About Minerva Schools

Dec, 2019


Minerva Schools at KGI is a private university in San Francisco, California. It was founded in 2012 from a partnership between the Minerva Project and Keck Graduate Institute (KGI). It is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.


The university has one of the most diverse student bodies in the world with around % of the student population being international students. Students embark on a four-year global rotation, spending their first year in the United States and succeeding semesters in


• South Korea (Seoul),
• India (Hyderabad),
• Germany (Berlin),
• Argentina (Buenos Aires),
• the United Kingdom (London),
• Taiwan(Taipei).


Minerva Schools at KGI offers undergraduate programs in the fields of


1. Arts and Humanities
2. Computational Sciences
3. Social sciences
4. Natural Sciences
5. Business


What separates itself from other educational institutions is its no lecture policy. Unlike most universities who give lectures, at Minerva, classes take place in small interactive seminars that promote active, engaged learning. This creates a more lively discussion, intensive debates, and collaborative work sessions.


3rd Year Minerva student: “There is always a new thing coming at us. We move to a new city once every 6 months. We are constantly interacting with professionals from different countries and looking for internships. Learning and living independently throughout our undergrad duration is the best thing about Minerva.




Minerva offers lectures in the form of seminars that are attended by students in a group of fewer than 20 students. The classes are based on the idea of the Science of Learning. Every lecture is based on student engagement. Lectures involve digital games, debates, discussions, or break out group activities. Professors act as facilitators to these classes instead of delivering lectures to a huge number of students.


Minervans add that, “Students have to prepare for EVERY class before the lecture and actively participate in the class during the lectures through debates and games.”


You can choose to earn your undergraduate degree in five accredited colleges — Arts & Humanities, Business, Computational Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences. Within each of these majors, are six concentrations that are more focused on specializations in each field.


AnggunBerlian, a Business and Economics student from Indonesia says her first-year learning experience at Minerva has been Eye-opening. The foundational course called Cornerstones helps students learn concepts that can be applied to a wide range of areas.


“During the foundational courses, we don’t learn the basics of microeconomics, macroeconomics, or calculus. We are learning how to learn. We learn topics such as Multimodal Communication, Empirical Analysis, Gap Analysis and Complex System that are usually not taught at other undergraduate universities.”




Through student-led social activities and a range of MICOs (Minerva Communities), students get encouraged to cultivate physical and emotional wellbeing. There are a lot of events and workshops that the college encourages the students to participate in. Students get to work with external organizations from the city which helps them to connect with the city and the surrounding community.


“At San Francisco, some students got an opportunity to work with San Francisco city government looking at trash can systems in San Francisco. Students mentioned that it was incredible to see San Francisco not from the perspective of a tourist or a temporary resident but from the perspective of the government. Students also worked with UN initiated NGO at Hyderabad and local projects at Seoul.”


The clubs at Minerva have been initiated by the founding class. Since the clubs are student-driven, they get to design the activities themselves. There are clubs such as the Consulting Club, Coding Club, Art Club, and Poetry Club.


Students have cultural events every week where students share presentations about their cultures and prepare their cultural cuisines.




The International students have informed that the first batch of Minerva students graduated this year. Students have started pursuing higher education at prestigious universities such as Harvard and Georgia Tech. A few students are working at start-ups in New York and San Francisco. Some students have also moved back to their native countries to continue pursuing higher education or employment opportunities. However, most of the students ended up working in the US.




• In addition to academic excellence, focus on what makes you extraordinary. The college does not take TOEFL and SAT scores.


• Minerva has its own admissions platform to test your academic knowledge as well as your creativity and logical thinking. Students have to take spot tests and write essays.


• Focus on your High School achievements and their impact. Students are asked to submit the activities they have done during high school and the impact that they created.




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