Ashoka University Scholarship Program

Ashoka University Scholarship Program

Ashoka is committed to providing financial aid to all deserving students.

While selection to Ashoka is based upon student merit, including academic and extracurricular achievement, scholarships are entirely based upon need. A student who has earned admission to the University will not be turned away if they are not able to pay tuition. The University's scholarships have been put in place so that students can attend without any financial burden or difficulty.

Students who require financial aid must submit their parents? income tax returns, details on gross annual income of all earning members in the family, their assets, and also the number of dependents when filling out their application.

In order to be eligible for the scholarship, the student must apply for the undergraduate course at Ashoka University. The admission forms are available at: Admission Forms

About Scholarships:

Aid at Ashoka is only in the form of grants (scholarships) and not loans.

Ashoka University offers need-based scholarships to deserving students

Applicants from the state of Haryana will be given special consideration for aid opportunities.

For further details, please refer to the website at : Ashoka University Scholarships Program


Ashoka University Scholarships Program