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Bournemouth Media School Undergraduate Scholarships

Bournemouth Media School Welcomes International Students



Undergraduate Scholarships


There are three undergraduate scholarships, each worth ?1000 which can be offset against the first year’s tuition fees. Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of academic achievement.


Who can apply for a scholarship?


Scholarships are open only to international students (students from outside the European Union) who are classified for fee purposes as ?overseas? students.


Only students who have applied for a particular programme in Bournemouth Media School and who have been made an offer of a place on a programme, (conditional or unconditional) will be considered for a scholarship.


Scholarships are available for any full-time undergraduate or postgraduate programme in Bournemouth Media School.

What does the University look for in its international scholars?


Scholarships are awarded to students who have achieved an excellent standard in their previous studies, can demonstrate a high level of English proficiency (if English is not their first language) and have provided information which suggests that they are likely to be an asset to the programme.


The final decision is based on the information supplied in both your Bournemouth Media School programme application form and scholarship application form.


How do I obtain the scholarship application form?


If you are made an offer (unconditional or conditional) for a place on a programme, you will also be sent a scholarship application form.


If you wish to apply for a scholarship, you should send the completed scholarship application form back to us along with your letter of acceptance for a place on your chosen programme.


When is the deadline?


The deadline for receipt of the undergraduate scholarship application form is the 12th August 2005. Remember that you must return the scholarship application form with your letter of acceptance.


When will I hear If I have been awarded a Scholarship?


Students who have been successful in being awarded a scholarship will be notified within two weeks of the appropriate deadline date.


For further information, please contact


All enquiries should be directed to:


Programme Administrator Email: bmsugrad@bournemouth.ac.uk Tel: (+44) 1202 595827 Fax No: +44 (0) 1202 59 5099


Reference : http://www.media.bournemouth.ac.uk/interscholug.html


Bournemouth Media School Undergraduate Scholarships

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