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What is CAD?

Computer Aided Design supports the Design Engineering activity that includes creation of 2D/3D Geometric models doing engineering analysis, evaluating the design by simulation and Produce Rapid Drafting for Manufacturing with the help of computers. The traditional CAD System offers 2D Drafting, 3D modeling with Limited Modification Capability. This system substitutes Drafting Board completely. The high end 3D CAD Tool Provides many solutions under one platform. If alteration is made in one feature then it will automatically change other related (dependent) features. Dimensional and Geometrical constrains play a major role in this parametric design Technology. Testing the designs on the computer instead of expensive and time-consuming field tests leads to significant reduction in Product Development Cycles (PDC). Cost and time ?to-market is another advantage. The modern CAD System helps product Design under practical constraints helps enormously imaginative concepts.

What is CAM?

CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) is defined as ?the effective use of computer technology in manufacturing planning and control?. Often there is confusion between the term manufacturing and production. Providing the component that is to be produced in large quantity is called manufacturing technology.

What is CIM?

Computer Integrated Manufacturing is an integrated approach to maintain a Common Database for CAD, CAM and Business control. CIM includes CAD/CAM, R&D, e-publishing and also embraces the business functions of computer technology ion all the operational and information processing activities related to manufacturing.

University Engineering Subjects and their Respective Computer Based Tools

S.No. Engineering Subject CAD/CAE/CAM

01. Strength of Material - Finite Element Analysis

02. Theory of Machines - Digital Mock-up, Kinematics Simulation

03. Fluid Power - Computational Fluid Dynamics, Pipe Design

04. Production - Tech NC, CNC, DNC, CAM, CIM, RP

05. Machine Design - CA Design, PLM

06. Machine Drawing - CA Drawing.

07. Industrial Engineering - CAPP, layout designs for a manufacturing plant.

08. Equipments & System - Electrical Harness, Cable System, PCB Design

09. Heat Transfer, Fridge &AC - HV/AC Tools

10. Engineering Metrology - Tolerance, Interference Analysis Tools, CMM, RE

11. Tool Engineering - Mould Flow Analysis, PT Design

12. Power Plant Engineering - Thermal analysis

13. Electrical M/Cs - Electro magnetic Field Analysis coupled-field analusis

14. Element of M/C Design - Mech CAD

National Institutions offering CAD/CAM

01. CITD Hyderabad ( An UNDP Pro) SIDO TR and Extension center across AP.

02. Central Tool Room( Indo-German), Ludhaiana, SIDO TR

03. CTTC (An Indo-Danish Pro) SIDO Organization, Ministry of SSI, Bhubaneswar.

04. IDTR, Jamshedpur, CTTC-Kolkata, SIDO Organization, Ministry of SSI

05. IGTR, Indore Ahnedabad, Aurangabad, SIDO Organization, Ministry of SSI

06. NSIC-Training Centre Across the country, Ministry of SSI.

07. PPDC-IDEMI, Mumbai-ESTC, Nainital SIDO Organization, Ministry of SSI

08. A TI/CTI- National Institute across the country. Ministry of Labour.

09. CIPET (An UNDP Pro), Ministry of Chemical & Fertilizer, Chennai and its extension centers.

10. Anna University-AU-FRG Initiative Chennai

11. IITs National Institutions across the country.

CAD,CAM Courses In India