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Centre for Consumer Studies (CCS)

In view of the emerging global markets and concerns for good governance coupled with rising expectations of the people for better services, quality goods, availability of choice and value for money, there is universal emphasis for protection and promotion of Consumers? rights and interests. It is well recogonised, world over, that protection of Consumers? rights and interests not only promotes the interests of business but also of the state as well. To give boost to the efforts of the Government in the area of Consumer protection and Consumer welfare the need of a dedicated Centre was felt at the Government level. It was further realised that the involvement and convergence of various stakeholders particularly the institutions of local self government in the area of consumer protection will certainly prove to be beneficial in furtherance of the policy objectives of the Department of Consumer Affairs. In view of the above, the Department of Consumer Affairs, Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food, and Public Distribution, GOI, has established a dedicated Centre for Consumer Studies (CCS) at the Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA), New Delhi. The Centre operates within the legal framework of the IIPA and the policy directions of the Monitoring Committee chaired by the Secretary, CA, GOI. The role of the Centre is both operational as well as promotional.

The Centre for Consumer Studies keeps abreast of the long- term policies, to position itself as a major contributor to the identification of issues and priorities as well as solutions to ensure better protection of the consumers. Its success largely depends on close networking, cooperation, teamwork and shared knowledge with not only government organizations, but also by building up partnerships with various other institutions and organizations. The vision is to create a professional organization which allows the government to govern better and to create opportunities to maximize the benefit to the consumers.

The Centre seeks to network, with national and international agencies and interface with other stakeholders by serving as a bridging ?think tank?, with an intensive advocacy role. It acts as a forum for creating dialogue among policy- makers, service providers, representatives of various business establishments and their associations, professional bodies/associations, civil society organisations, educational/ research institutions, economic and social development organizations as well as leading NGO?s. It also acts as a storing and clearing- house for the exchange and constant flow of information, ideas and activities relating to consumer protection and welfare. The Centre closely works in association with the DCA, GOI, National/ State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commissions and District Forums.

The CCS is envisaged as a centre functioning with flexibility and openness. Its broad areas of focus comprise;

1. Advocacy , Policy Analysis and Research

2. Advisory and Consultative Services

3. Capacity Building, and

4. Networking and Information Exhange

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Centre for Consumer Studies