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Colgate Scholarship Offer

Colgate Scholarship 2017

Colgate Dental Cream Scholarship By Colgate-Palmolive (India) Ltd

Colgate Scholarship Healthy teeth and a secure future – with Colgate

Your child deserves to get the best of education and have a bright future. That is why, Colgate Scholarship has, once again, set out to bring you one step closer to fulfilling your child’s dream.

All you have to do is, buy a Colgate Scholarship pack, give a missed call on the number mentioned on the pack and stand a chance to win scholarship worth 1 Lakh!

Now every Colgate Scholarship pack helps your child move closer to their goal. Get free audio/video courses from BYJU’s worth 999/- inside every pack.

Go ahead, buy a Colgate Scholarship pack and secure your child’s future today.

Terms and Conditions

1. All individuals are requested to go through the detailed terms and conditions before participating

2. This Scholarship offer is being conducted by Colgate-Palmolive (India) Ltd (“Colgate” / “Company”) from 1st May 2017 to 31st July 2017 (“Scholarship offer period”).

3. All major individuals, having a child/children below the age of 21 years, are eligible to participate in this Colgate Dental Cream Scholarship Offer (“Scholarship Offer”), subject to the terms and conditions set out herein, which will be presumed to have been accepted by him/her.

4. Subject to the following terms and conditions, Scholarship offer is meant to help and support the education of a child below the age of 21 years. Therefore only those participants whose child/children is/are below the age of 21 years are eligible to participate in this offer.

5. Purchase of Colgate Dental Cream pack is not a condition precedent to participate in this Scholarship Offer.

6. One can get an opportunity to participate in this Scholarship offer by giving a missed call on the Toll Free number 1800 532 2213, which is printed on the pack of ‘Colgate Dental Cream toothpaste’, or communicated in TV commercials. The caller will get a call back on his number and will be asked to select an Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) option to answer a question.The IVRS will also require the participants to enter certain details for the purpose of verification at the time of announcing the winners.

7. All participants making calls during the Scholarship offer period, as mentioned in clause 6 above will get an opportunity to participate in this Scholarship offer.

8. Calling on the Toll-Free number 1800 532 2213 and registering an entry in accordance with the aforesaid instructions does not confer upon the caller any right to win the Scholarship Offer.

Details of the Scholarship Offer Prizes are as follows;

Prizes – Details – Total

Scholarships Worth – 1,00,000/- – 25

Scholarships Worth – 10,000/- – 276

10. From the registered entries of the Scholarship Offer, vide random sampling by computer, total 301 entries who have answered the question correctly will be selected, out of which 25 randomly selected entries will be entitled to win Scholarships worth 1,00,000/- (Rupees one lakh only) & balance 276 entries will be entitled to win Scholarships worth 10,000/- (Rupees ten thousand only). Colgate does not have any discretion, choice or hand in the selection process.

11. Each winner will be entitled to only one Scholarship prize for the benefit of one child’s education, regardless of the fact that the winner may have more than one child.

12. All winners would be sent a form requiring particulars to be filled up in order to claim the scholarship prize. Incorrect or incomplete details shall not be entertained. The winners shall also need to submit a photocopy of the following documents, which is mandatory to claim the scholarship prizes:

Driver License OR Passport OR Voter Identity Card (any one as proof of address) AND PAN Card

Child’s birth certificate or school leaving certificate towards the proof of full name and age below 21 years is mandatory.

The cost of postage would be borne by the Company.

13. The Scholarship Offer Prizes subject to the above will be given to the winners on cross verification of the details provided as mentioned in clause 12 with the details provided in the IVRS at the time of participation/registration of the entry, so as to ensure that only the actual caller who had participated and given the correct answer is rewarded with the scholarship offer prize. Upon verification, if the same is found inaccurate then the person shall not be eligible for the prize, even if the Participant has won the same.

14. The Scholarship amount shall be paid by Account payee cheque to the winner i.e. the parent / guardian of the child, if the child does not have a bank account or where the child has a valid bank account, cheque will be issued in the name of the child. Colgate shall not be liable for any loss or damage of the cheque once it has been handed over to the winner. It will be the responsibility of the winners to have the active bank account or post office savings account for realizing the cheque.

15. Scholarships cannot be exchanged for cash or gifts or other purposes.

16. Persons registering in this Scholarship Offer authorize Colgate to send voice messages and SMS alerts/messages to their mobile/landline numbers. Subscribers who have opted for DND (Do Not Disturb) facility with their respective service providers may not receive the aforesaid messages/alerts.

17. The name of the persons winning the Scholarship Offer will be published on www.colgate.co.in or www.colgatecares.co.in anytime between 1st May 2017 to 30th September 2017.

18. In the event that Colgate does not receive the relevant documents as required within two weeks of establishing contact with the winner, then the said winner shall be disqualified and shall not be entitled to receive the scholarship offer prize.

19. Colgate would not be liable or held responsible for any lack or lapse in any communication on account of failure or delay by any of the Internet, Telecom, SMS and E-mails service provider. No correspondence in this regard will be entertained.

20. Employees of the Company, its affiliates, Bates Sercon, Redfuse, QED, mGage, BYJU’s and their family members are not eligible to participate in the Scholarship Offer.

21. Disputes, if any, will be subject to jurisdiction of the courts at Mumbai only.

22. Holding of the Scholarship Offer is subject to normal force majeure conditions.

23. The Company reserves its right to change, discontinue, extend Scholarship Offer, or modify the terms and conditions thereof without giving any prior notice.

24. The decision of the Company with regard to the Scholarship Offer and the declaration of the winners is final and binding.

25. The information received by Colgate from the IVRS as well as through the form filled by the winners in accordance with clause 12 is privileged and confidential save and except the details that may be required under clause 26 hereunder.

26. Colgate reserves the right to feature any number of the winners of the Scholarship on television, print and other media touchpoints as a part of its media campaign for the scholarship offer. The number and selection is at the sole discretion of Colgate and shall be final and binding.

For more details please refer the Website :  Colgate Scholarship 

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