Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics

Institutions Offering Courses:

Some institutes offering various professional courses in Cyber-Laws are:

1. Symbiosis Society's Law College, Pune, and NALSAR University ( www.nalsarpro. org)

2. Asian School of Cyber Laws, Pune (

3. Indian' Institute of Information and Technology, Allahabad (

4. Center for Distance Education, University of Hyderabad (

5. Amity Law School, Delhi. (

6. Department of Law, University of Delhi (

7. National Law School of India, University Bangalore - 72. (

8. National Academy of Legal Studies and Research University of Law, Hyderabad-560027. (www.reachout

9. Cyber Law College NAAVI in Chennai, Mysore, Hubli. Mangalore and Bangalore (

10. Champlain College 163 South Willard St. Burlington, VT 05401, USA

Other Courses And Institutes

Computer Forensics