Cognitive Science Research Initiative (CSRI)

Cognitive Science Research Initiative (CSRI)

Ministry of Science and Technology

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Cognitive Science is the study of mind and brain, focusing on how the mind represents knowledge and how mental representations and processes are realized in the brain. The field is highly interdisciplinary, combining ideas and methods from psychology, computer science, linguistics, philosophy, and neuroscience.

The Department of Science and Technology (DST) seeks proposal in the active areas of cognitive research that include emotions, language, memory, visual perception and cognition, thinking and reasoning, social cognition, decision making, artificial intelligence, computational modeling of cognitive processes, psychology, cognitive development and other important components derive from work in the neurosciences, philosophy, linguistics and anthropology. The goal is to characterize the nature of human knowledge ? its forms and content ? and how that knowledge is used, processed and acquired. Cognitive Science Research Initiative (CSRI) of DST is willing to revolutionize research in various fields such as (a) nature and origin of mental disorders of psychological, social and neurochemical origin; (b) design of better learning tools and educational paradigms; and (c) design of better cognition based software technologies and devices.

Aiming to promote and intensify cutting edge research in Cognitive Science, Department invites 'Individual Research Proposal' and 'Application for CSRI-PDF' for 2016-17. The details of both programme are as follows:

(i) Individual Research Proposal for 2016-17:

The scientists/academicians with research background in Cognitive Science and having regular position are invited to participate in Cognitive Science Research Initiative. Interested candidates are required to submit research proposals in their area of expertise along with Endorsement Certificate from the Head of the Institution and detailed bio-data of PI and Co-PIs. The project proposal format is available on the DST website:

Project duration: The project is tenable for a maximum period of three (3) years.

Where to apply: Fifteen (15) copies of research proposal should be sent to Dr. HB Singh, Scientist, Department of Science and Technology, Technology Bhawan, New Mehrauli Road, New Delhi - 110016 by speed post. A soft copy of the proposal should also be mailed at . The envelope may be superscribed with "Cognitive Science Research Initiative (CSRI)".

(ii) Postdoctoral Fellowships for 2016-17:

Applications are invited for the award of "CSRI-Postdoctoral Fellowship" for pursuing research in frontier areas of Cognitive Science. The fellowship is tenable for 2 years in Research Institutions/Universities/Non-profit R&D Institutions within India and cannot be availed at the same institution where the candidates have earned their Ph.D degree. Each fellow would be entitled to a fellowship of Rs. 55,000/- per month and research contingency grant of Rs. 2,00,000/- per year.

Eligibility: The applicants with good academic record and holding a Ph.D or equivalent degree in Science, Engineering and allied areas of Cognitive Science are eligible for CSRI-PDF. Those who have submitted Ph.D thesis are also eligible to apply. The upper age limit for 'DST-CSRI-Postdoctoral Fellowship' is 40 years.

Where to apply: Candidates are required to submit two (2) copies of application in prescribed format available at DST website: The envelope should be superscribed with "CSRI-PDF Application". The application shoufd be sent to Dr. HB Singh, Scientist, Department of Science and Technology, Technology Bhawan, New Mehrauli Road, New Delhi - 110016 by speed post. A soft copy of proposal should also be mailed at


Last Date of Submission for both (i) & (ii): 31st May, 2016.

Cognitive Science Research Initiative (CSRI)