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ICSSR Research Programme 2021-22

ICSSR Research Programme

ICSSR Research Programme 2021-22

About ICSSR Research Programme 2021-22
ICSSR invites online applications for the ICSSR Research Programme for the year 2021-22

ICSSR invites online applications from Indian Social Scientists / Research Organisations for the ICSSR Research Programme for the year 2021-22.


The proposed study could be multidisciplinary or may belong to a social science discipline.


Priority areas for current financial year are as follows:


• COVID 19 Pandemic – Different social science dimensions, Models and profile analysis, Policy concerns, Recovery roadmap etc.
• Health Infrastructure: Universal Health, Holistic Health, Challenges and the Way forward
• Atma Nirbhar Bharat: Idea, Need, Possibilities and Challenges
• New Education Policy: Accessibility, Affordability, Quality, Technology, Online Education
• Scaling up education for better performance and delivery, Collaboration among Academia-Industry and Policy makers
• Research: Multi-disciplinary & Impactful Research, Innovations, Patents and Development
• Governance and Public Policy: Concerns at various levels – Local, State and Country
• Migration – Internal and External Migration, Globalisation, Impediments at different levels
• Food and Nutritional security
• Unemployment and Skill India
• Poverty, Inequality, Human Development and SDGs
• Gender Empowerment: Issues and Developments
• Infrastructure, Smart Cities and Urbanization
• Agricultural Reforms: Efficiency, Competitiveness, Crop Diversification, Issues in Marketing and Pricing
• Industry: Industrial Revitalisation, Industry 4.0, MSME, Startups, Entrepreneurship
• FDI, Technology Transfers, Mergers and Acquisitions
• Banking in India: Performance, NPAs, Mergers and Challenges
• International Migration/Mobility: Occupational opportunities, Education, Skills, Training and Impediments
• Science & Technology for Society: Digital India, Mobile & Communication Technology, Big Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Blockchain Technology and development
• Environment: Climate Change, Implications for Sustainable Development, Water Issues
• Disasters: Implications, Preparedness and Management
• India’s Maritime Wealth: History, Developments, Potentials and Policy Challenges
• Security: Internal Security, External Security, Borders, Cyber Security, Energy Security
• Special States of India – North-Eastern States, Hill States, Border States
• India’s International Relations with important international institutions, groups, regions and nations, Diplomacy at various levels, Soft Power
• New International Order: Major Powers or Groups, Polarity in different regions and Indian aspirations
• India’s Diaspora Capital: Different Stages, Opportunities in various spheres
• Democracies and their functioning
• Socio-demographic Dynamics and their implications
• Indigenous languages in India
• Tribal Culture and Development, Marginalised Sections and Welfare Measures
• Media: Social Media, Technology, Regulations, Accountability, Privacy
• Data Gaps and Management


Applicants must apply in accordance with the ICSSR Research Programme Guidelines.


At this stage, the candidates need to upload only the documents referred in Application form.


All scholars are required to keep the hard copies of their application and annexures ready, duly forwarded by the competent authorities of the Affiliating Institution so that they may submit the required hard copies, within one week after the completion of the screening process. It is being done for the sake of convenience of the applicants so that they get more time for preparing the hard copies.


Last date for online submission of application is September 6, 2021 (Monday).


Note: Scholar is permitted to apply for two schemes. But, in case of selection, the candidate in consultation with the ICSSR will take up only one study. Those who are still continuing with ICSSR any other study can take up the fresh study only after completing the ongoing study.


Click here for detailed instructions on how to apply in the Guidelines.


Link to apply: https://icssr.org/administrator


Help on application procedure: https://icssr.org/how-apply


For Technical assistance, email to cc [at] icssr [dot] org


For more details refer the Official Publisher :


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